Tuesday, August 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday Progress!

Been working on a few different things this week.

Blue Jeans Quilt
All 190 of the circles I have cut have the 5" square drawn inside them. I have been chasing some more jeans. I had several lots promised to me but they haven't arrived. Today I was able to visit a Salvo's store that had a $5 a bag special on so I was able to get 5 pair of jeans. A friend gave me 2 pair as well. Then I got a phone call to say another quilting friend had secured a large bag of jeans for me from a clean out at the charity shop she volunteers at. Safe to say I will now have PLENTY of jeans to complete the project. Just have to get moving on it

Disappearing Hour Glass Quilt
I made great progress on this today as I was at an all day quilting get together with a neighbouring quilt group. I got all my hst trimmed up (using my quilt in a day ruler designed for this) and the hour glass blocks made. Tomorrow I will get to iron the blocks and then cut them up to make them disappear. I am going to have to watch the youtube clip a few times tonight to get the process clear in my head.... or take my computer with me to patchwork tomorrow and work on them there.

Disappearing into the Blue and Sunburnt Zebras are both now labelled so I can class them as truly finished.

I have also dug out some of the embroidery blocks my mum made me. I am planning on making 4 of them into seasonal quilt hangings. They were designed to go together in one quilt depicting all 4 seasons but I am going to make them into separate ones. I am trying to use up some of the scrap hst that I have left over from making flying geese in my SOMB quilts in the borders for these mini quilts. We will see how it goes. I took a pile of bits and pieces with me today to work on as well but didn't get to them. Thought I might get sick of the hour glass blocks and I did at the end but was so close to finishing I just pressed on. So pleased to have it done.

I have an red work embroidery of an outside dunny (toilet/loo/bathroom) that I am going to make into a smalling hanging to go on the outside of the toilet door. I have a cross stitched picture of a cat in a bath that Fangirl made many years ago that hangs on the bathroom door. I got a border put on it and have it pinned ready for me to quilt it. I've see a tutorial of a self hanger you can stitch into the binding somehow that I am going to try to locate and do that for the hanger.


Decluttering Challenge

Still going slowly with this. 
Day 19. Cleaned out my handbag to take it away. I only have one so it didn't take long
Day 20 Email box - have been continuing to try to get rid of the rubbish. I am setting up lots of rules so emails get diverted to particularly relevant folders which helps me find stuff I need and delete stuff too
Day 21 Someday clutter - nope... haven't done anything with this. Will get to it... someday LOL
Day 22 Electronics and cords. Yes did this one. Got my husband to help me go through all the cords in various drawers and and boxes and we got rid of the ones that were surplus to requirement. I found a place I could send the old phone cords to which was great... post free. It was good to go through things and it came in handy when our club was chasing a cord to connect the computer to the printer. I knew we had a spare and where it was
Day 23 Cosmetics. Cleaned these out when we did the great bathroom renovations
Day 24 Kitchen Counters. Gave these a good clean down on Monday
Day 25 Craft supplies - nope not happened! I did go through the cupboard a six months or so ago but think it could do with a go through.
Day 26 Books and DVDs. DVDs -We've been through these a fair bit over the last few years. Books - have started to go through our bookshelves. Have found some that belong to our daughter and a few I can get rid of. Hope to do a lot more.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - nil all draw

Nothing in and nothing out. That's my stash report. I haven't bought any fabric this week and I have been to a fabric shop! I bought some cream thread to use on my new project - Disappearing Hour Glass.

I have been working on my jeans quilt and a friend gave me a bag of jeans to cut up. I have no idea how to calculate the fabric from them so didn't. I am thinking that when I finish the quilt and calculate the fabric used that  I will halve that amount and count that ie only count one side of the quilt. That way I won't get credit for counting the jeans fabric as having come out of my stash when I didn't count it going in. I will however count the 5" squares that complete the block along with the denim circles.

Do you count the fabric that you repurpose from clothes of linen as fabric in?

Used this week:                                0m
Added this week                               0m

Year to Date Used                     125.52m
Year to Date added                     80.27m
Net Used                                    45.25m

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I just found a few more linky parties on Red Delicious Life's blog which I thought I would bring to my followers attention. And yes its my way of keeping track of them too. I might go back and gather all the linky parties I have found and put them in the one blog but for now I will put them here so I can find them when I want them


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Friday, August 22, 2014

Checking in on August Quilty Goals

Thought that I would check back in on my goals for this month and see how I am doing

August Goals
1. Work on Trip around the world (work out a name for it to make it easier to refer to)
I renamed this quilt Sunburnt Zebra's - from the joke What's black and white and red all over....  A Sunburnt Zebra. Not only did I name it but I got it finished. Yay.

2 Start work on Teashop quilt - choose background fabric for blocks, trace off applique pieces. Get things prepped for taking it away to work on whilst travelling
Haven't done anything with this yet. I need some more applique paper before I can get too far with it. I eneded up buying three patterns and I want to get them all prepped to take away with me
Gails Tea Room II gails tea quilt time for tea 1 high contrast

3 Blue Jeans Quilt - get it prepped to take away on holidays with us. This will be my machine project whilst we are travelling. 
Making good progress with this. Originally I was just going to trace out the circles and leave cutting them out till we were travelling but then I decided to go ahead and cut them out. I may even start sewing it before we leave. I've designed a heart pattern to work into the design. Will have to see how it goes

4 Disappearing Hour Glass quilt - collect together green and cream fabric for this quilt. This will be my project for Patchwork Group.
Fabrics for this quilt all chosen from my stash. I cut out the 10" squares of both the cream and the green fabrics. I have made all the half square triangles for it. I will start sewing them into the hour glass block next week. Will have to watch the video a few times so I know what I am actually doing before I cut the hour glass block up and start to make the rearranged block

5 Cut scrap pieces. The basket is overflowing

I got the scrap basket totally emptied out and the pieces put away into my scrap drawers. Now it is full of denim off cuts. Its a never ending job

6 Make a seasonal wall hanging from Mum's embroideries
Haven't started on this one at all. I went to get the embroideries out Thursday and instead dragged out my orphan blocks and have been designing a quilt top using some of them instead. 

7 Do projects from Caro Sheridan's photography class on Craftsy. Watch one other craftsy class
Haven't done this. I have found the manuals for both of my camera's though so that counts doesn't it?

8. Label Disappearing into the Blue
Haven't done this yet. Need to do one for Sunburnt Zebras as well. 

This means 3/4 of the way through the month I have accomplished 4 of my goals so had better get my skates on if I am to accomplish all of them. I also need to start to think about what my September goals are going to be. 

How are you going with your quilty goals for this month.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friday Fitness

This is becoming a bit boring. When I was running more it was exciting to be able to update my times etc but this week once again I didn't run at all. Fixit Guy walks with me every day my friend doesn't and I enjoy his company so don't tell him I want to run instead. Cause I would rather walk with him! I need another run to aim for. That will be my inspiration to get back to it.

Here's today's photo taken about 6.30AM. The rain last weekend has caused some of the brown grass to freshen up and green to come through.

However I did walk twice most days this week. There was at least one day when we only got out the once if not two days. However my fitbit stats for the last 7 days (as of 8.30 AM this morning so today is only just  begun ) are 82,028 steps so I am averaging over the 10 000 steps which I have as my minimum. I have made that mark every day which is pleasing. There is a new challenge starting up in September

Its Called Steptember and its raising money for Cerebral Palsy. Its a world wide thing. The money I am raising is going to support the Cerebral Palsy  in Australia but it is going on in lots of other countries as well. It starts on September 3rd so you have plenty of time if you want to sign up. Otherwise you can donate to my team ;) or you can donate to your own country's fundraising. (you might have to google that... I couldn't find the international site)

The link to donate to my team is http://bit.ly/1pjpztJ

 This is the official  blurb that they sent me to send out

From Wednesday, 3 September I will be taking on the challenge of completing 10,000 steps a day, for the entire month of Steptember to raise vital funds for Cerebral Palsy Alliance.
The average office worker only takes around 3,000 steps per day, so 10,000 steps a day is going to be quite the challenge.
But it’s for a very worthy cause.
Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood. One in two people with cerebral palsy are in chronic pain due to the tightening of their muscles. Many will never be able to take a single step without assistance.
If you’re not sure where to start, a donation of $55 could support research actively preventing CP in newborn babies
You can donate to my fundraising page: (http://bit.ly/1pjpztJ)
Any amount you contribute would make a huge difference to children and adults living with cerebral palsy and of course encourage me to complete my 10,000 steps per day!
Thank you so much,

P.S. You’ll receive an automated receipt as every donation over $2 is tax deductible.(thats for Australian taxpayers)

Weight wise things are pretty stable. I am still hovering around 89kgs going up or down a little bit. I don't' think things are going to change till I get serious about tracking my food. Maybe after this weekend! Fixit Guy, Fangirl and I are off to Brisbane to see a show. We will also be seeing our solicitor AND catching up with Kombi Boy, Gamer Girl and Boyo so it should be good. It will involve a fair bit of walking and a lot of eating so hopefully the two will balance each other out. I might get to a fabric shop as there is a Lincraft in the city but the only thing I might buy there is thread. I have put  myself back on a fabric diet. No fabric purchases for the rest of the year unless it is to complete a project!

How has your week been? Have you been meeting your fitness challenges? I have two fellow bloggers who have started up Fitness Friday reporting too. I haven't worked out how to do a Linky thing. If anyone knows and wants to explain it to me (or send me to a website that has the tools there)...

Throwback Thursday - Farewell to Fangirl

In 2003 our daughter, known here as Fangirl, was selected to go to Malaysia for a year long exchange with AFS. She left in January 2003 and returned in December that same year. She had learned Indonesian for 5 years at school and 85% of the vocabulary of Indonesian and Malaysian was the same so she was slightly advantaged over someone who had none of the language at all. However when she got there she found that the 15% of the language that was different was the 15% that was mostly used. She had expected to become quite fluent in the language whilst she was there but she found that many people over there spoke English or were trying to learn it so when she would speak to them, even though she would use Malaysian, they would reply to her in English. Her best friend was another exchange student, from Iceland who excellent English so when they hung out they tended to talk in English.

She lived with a Malaysian family in Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras which is a large city that runs into KL (Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia) They were a muslim family but were happy to take her to Christian worship whenever she wanted to go. Her parents owned a food outlet in a food court. They worked long hours.The home was close to the food court and they rarely cooked at home. Instead when it was time for dinner one of the family would go to the restaurant and pick up some dishes to bring home to family to eat.

As Fangirl prepared for her trip, learning more about the culture of where she was going, collecting gifts and souvenirs to take with her, choosing culturally appropriate clothing to take with her, I prepared by making her a quilt to take. I cut 6.5" squares of calico which we got people to write messages to her on. She took  a heap to get her classmates to sign on their last day of school and we got our friends at church to also sign a pile. I put her school friends blocks on one side with a souvenir tea towel from one of her school years and those from our church family and friends on the other side. I interspersed the signature blocks with 6.5" squares of picture fabric featuring things significant to her as well as Australiana fabric.

She took this quilt with her even though she only had limited amount of luggage. She was glad she did as the messages of love and support were important to her and supported her through some tough times. Living in another culture is not easy and living with another family is harder still. Whilst she was in Malaysia her grandfather, my Father in law was killed in car accident which was a really difficult thing for her to go through whilst living so far away.

Fangirl came home after 11 months having grown and matured a whole heap. We missed her very much whilst she was away but were really happy for her to have such an amazing experience. Her host family were very special people and we are forever grateful for the love and care they showed. her.  She was able to travel back to spend some time with them whilst at university and then I got to meet them once when Fangirl and I travelled back to Malaysia in 2007 for the wedding of her  host sister. She visited them again on her way to live in the UK in 2011 and in April 2015 Fixit Guy Fangirl and I are going to Malaysia for a week to spend some time with them which will be great.

Fangirl's two mum's. Just a slight difference in height!
The bride and groom. Both had multiple changes of clothes over the 2 days of wedding celebrations but this was my favourite.

Fangirl with her Ayah (Father) and Mak (mother) Sabri and Ina was what I called them (although I forgot and would call them Ayah and Mak... mum and dad! oops)

Roslyn with the bride and groom. Annis and Irwan

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WIP Wednesday. Progress on a few fronts

Sunburnt Zebras is finished... apart from the label. I really have to get a few of them made and stitched on. I got it finished off on Sunday so I could count it in my stash report. And then I forgot to actually link up with the Linkup even though I said I was on my blog. When I wrote it Patchwork Times didn't have their link up set up yet and I forgot to go back later and add it in.

Denim Quilt
My new project at home is the blue jeans quilt using circles of denim and squares of fabric. I worked out the size of the circles I needed to cut in order to use the 5" squares I have cut. I was trying to do it the mathematical way... working out what the length of the diagonal of the square would measure which was also going to be the diameter of the circle by using the mathematical equation ie the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. (reminds me of a joke - will tell it to you all one day) I was discussing this with my Fixit Guy who is an engineer (oops retired engineer) expecting him to help me with the maths. He said "Do you have the 5" squares? and I said yes I did and he very simply said "Why don't you just measure it if you have the square?" Doh... so simple. There was I tackling the maths and formulas and really it was that simple.

Anyway drew a circle using a compass I just happened to have and KNOW where it was courtesy of my desk clean up. I cut it out of the thickest cardboard I had on hand and used it to draw circles on the denim jeans I had on hand. I had some off cuts from jeans of Fixit Guy's that I had made into shorts. I had also bought 5 pair of jeans at a denim sale at the 2nd hand shop a few weeks ago.

The blocks are going to end up 5". If I make the quilt 12x12 rows that made it 60". If I made it 14 rows square it will be 70" and 16 rows squares will make it 80". I am thinking that this will be a good quilt for our camper trailer. The one I have on our queen mattress in that at the moment is a bit skimpy. I would like one that is a bit wider and longer so think 80" square will be good. That means I need 256 blocks. That is 256 denim circles. I was able to cut 101 from the jeans that I had on hand. I asked on facebook if any of my local friends had denim jeans that I could have to cut up for the quilt. As a result I now have 190 circles cut for the quilt. A few other friends have jeans for me and hopefully that will be enough but if not on Tuesday I have the opportunity to go to the Salvation Army shop that has good sales on and hopefully that will be enough.

Tonight I drew the 5" squares on about half of the circles that I had cut so making a good start. This is the stitching line. Despite carefully measuring to make sure the circle would fit the 5" square in some how the square template that I have is a little big for the denim circles I have cut. Its a bit annoying but hopefully I can fudge it enough that it will fit. I can trim down the 5" fabric squares that I use a bit to make them fit. That is going to be really annoying to have to do that but might be what I have to do. Will see what it looks like when I sew them up. I do have a stack of 4.5" squares which  might work ok. Stay tuned!!

I am still debating with myself as to whether I will include a piece of wadding as well or if I will leave it with just the denim and the fabric. Denim is so heavy on its own it may not need extra. I will think about it some more. I have used up lots of my scraps of wadding in frankenbatting which I have used in recent quilts so don't have so many scrap pieces. It will be rather ironic if I now have to cut up large pieces of wadding to make these 5" squares. I used up the last of the roll of batting I had so will have to buy another roll shortly for my next quilts. I do have some thinner flannelette which I could use instead which would give a bit of body but not be as heavy or as warm as batting. Will have to think about it some more

Disappearing Hour Glass
Today at patchwork I made all my half square triangles. I did the four at a time method sewing two 10" squares right sides together and slicing it on the diagonal. I know  a lot of people don't like this method as it results in lots of biased edges but I am quite happy with it. I wasn't so happy with my slicing as a couple of times I strayed off line whilst chatting to the other ladies. I will see how badly they turn out when I trim them up. I would have stayed on longer at patchwork and trimmed them up but I didn't take my Quilt in a Day ruler with me to the rooms so called it a day when I had cut all my squares into triangles. I gave them a thorough spray with Crisp before I cut them up to help persuade them to stay in shape.

So that is my quilty progress for this week.

I have been working on cutting up my scraps into useful units and got my scrap basket emptied. But ... with cutting up the denim jeans the basket is filling up fast with the scraps from that. I will cut them into useful units shortly but think I will keep them separate to use on another project. I initially sort the cut scraps into shallow boxes labelled with the size scrap going into them. I then carry the boxes over to the plastic drawers I keep the scraps in to put them away.


I have fallen off the wagon rather thoroughly this week as far as the daily challenges go. I should have done challenges 13-20
13 Skinny clothes - yeah well currently losing weight so not convinced I will do this yet but then again I might anyway.  14 Tea towels - didn't look at them although I did go through the drawer a year or two ago. Need to do that. 15 Kids clothes... none live at home. They can do their own. 16 Inside handbag - do this every time I go away. Going away on Friday so should sort through  17 Stationery - did the desk a week or two ago so yes. I have done this. 18 Bath towels. Sorted through them when we redid our bathrooms. I have a box of towels that my Massage Man son has indicated could be useful and Kombi Boy said they need more towels so they will go to family shortly.  19 Handbags. I only have one that I use all the time and a few clutches 20 Email Box. yes I have been going through these this week and deleting hugely and also setting up message rules so things go into separate folders.

 I have also cleaned up our office. All the surfaces have been tidied off, and one lot of shelves tidied. Fixit Guy was able to vacuum it thoroughly on Monday. (you heard it right. Fixit Guy does the vacuuming now he is retired. Mondays is our housework day. He vacuums and dusts. I clean the bathrooms and mop the hard floors. This week he cleaned the front of the kitchen cupboards as well.) We have started cleaning out the filing cabinet drawers as well which has been a good to do. We are working through them atm. 4 drawer cabinet almost done. The 3 drawer one will be quick to do as two drawers are relatively empty. I am going to move my family history stuff into them and then Fangirl can have her filing cabinet back

Run 60Km Outback Challenge.
Fixit Guy and I have continued to walk every day. Most days we walk twice but occasionally (like today) it was only once. I went in the morning with  my gf and he took the dogs this afternoon as Fangirl dropped in right on walk time and I stayed home to chat to her. Our walks are usually at least 4kms each so we have well and truly covered the 60kms already.

Yesterday morning there must have been a school of fish in the river. The Pelicans and native ducks were all swimming in a group and lots of duck diving going on.

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