Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Fitness

Friday again .This week has zoomed around so fast. Less than a week till Christmas. Must get those Christmas presents wrapped and finally pin down whether or not I have covered all my bases.

Fixit Guy and I have been walking regularly this past week and I have made my steps each day, for which I am pleased. Some of my friends though have been making huge steps so I haven't made as much progress on my Fitbit friends ladder but not too bad

Friday No walks on this busy day. Not sure why we didn't go in the morning but we  had our Walk Through Bethlehem on at night. We had to go up and set that up... and then when the rain was obviously coming we had to move everything into the hall. We set up our church yard to look like a street in Bethlehem. We have market stalls with a carpenter, leather worker, weaver and spinner, baker, pottery, and grocery stall. I was on the bakers stall. I had to learn to make Narn bread from our friend Charlotte who being Fijian Indian makes it all the time. She won't be there tonight for the second walk so I had to learn to do it so I can do it on my own tonight. I hope I remember how its done... might go practice again this morning. Fixit Guy is the carpenter. Fangirl was in the angelic choir who sang some carols and Boyo was a Roman Soldier. I did a fair bit of jogging on the spot before bed to get me over my target 10 314

I was the baker with my offsider Ben

Saturday 11 017 I think there was one walk in there and some jogging on the spot to get me over at the end. We had to clean the church so tidying that and mopping and dusting added some steps. Fixit Guy does the vacuuming

Sunday Very busy day and I don't think we managed any walks. We had church in the morning. In the afternoon Fixit Guy and I were on serving at the aged care  home's cafe. At night our friend Bek came to dinner along with Fangirl. Together we put together a gingerbread house and then the girls made Minion baubles. There was a fair bit of running around at the cafe but I still did a bit of on the spot jogging to get me over the line. Some of that was done out side late at night watching the comet shower that Australia was experiencing 10 630 steps

Monday Big day. Two walks and shopping does it to you. We also cleaned the house.16 378
Tuesday morning walk (at least I think there was) We got one walk in anyway. I think there was a bit of jogging on the spot to get me over the line though. 11 005 steps

Wednesday Big Day. Got a morning and evening walk in so the fact that for most of the day I was at our patchwork group for our final pre Christmas gathering and then our present exchange and lunch. Lovely day. . Not going to think about the kgs just yet. 14 625

Thursday  We got in a morning walk but in the afternoon we had visitors coming for tea so that makes walking a bit hard. I did do some shopping though and that can put on the steps. Fangirl came over in the afternoon to finish off making the gingerbread Tardis she had started making here earlier in the week. Made the dough one day. Rolled and baked it another and Finished it on the 3rd day
10 818

Boo was the closest we could come to an alien. The Dorothy the Dinosaur figure was in reference to a meme we had seen re if you gingerbread house falls down, add a dinosaur. Not sure that this inoffensive little dinosaur was quite what anyone had in mind.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I've been working on a diverse number of projects this week. I made several  table runners which I managed to complete and so they appeared on my stash report. I also made 2 little angel quilts - quilts for babies born too early who don't make it. They made it to the stash report as well.
Apart from them I have done a little bit of sewing on the Vanishing Hours. I have managed to sew a few more rows together but still have another few to go before the centre is together and then I will put a plain green sashing on before the piano key  and the hour glass borders. I was going to work on it today at Patchwork but forgot to get my little machine out of my car before Boyo borrowed it for work. So... did some handwork instead.

I have done a little bit of stitching on my redwork embroideries. This is my hand project and is small enough to go into a tiny bag that I can carry in my handbag. It is so good to have something so little and portable to work on. I was glad to have it today at patchwork group.

Not that there was much time for stitching at Patchwork today as it was our Christmas breakup. We had morning tea and then did some stitching before we came back together to exchange gifts. We played the Left Right game. A story was read out and every time the word Left was heard, we passed the gift we had to our left and when the word Right was heard the parcel went to the right. When the story finished you got the present that we were holding. Last year I wrote a story to use in this game but someone told me recently that there are heaps on the net so I just googled Left Right Game and had a heap to choose from. The one I used this year was based on Clement Moore's "Twas The Night Before Christmas" that I found with a heap of others here

The other project that I have worked on this week were Christmas ones that were joint projects with my daughter Fangirl. On Sunday night together with another friend Bek we put together a ginger bread house. We didn't make our own ginger bread. The whole thing was a kit and it went together really well and has stayed together as well. It looks so good. I get a thrill out of looking at it each time I walk through the kitchen.
Here's Bek hard at work with the icing bag.

Its currently in the centre of the kitchen table. Just in case it collapsed we had a dinosaur ready to goAre you confused by my dinosaur reference. This might explain it for you

A friend posted this on Facebook. I couldn't find where she got it from to reference it but it really tickled our sense of humour

Then they made Minion Baubles. Aren't they amazing. They were simply gold baubles, googly eyes and some denim duct tape (duck tape for you Americans) which they were really pleased to find. And craft glue. They made a heap of different ones including some that they put red felt tongues on. They drew the goggles on some two eyed ones as well.

Yesterday a friend sent us a link to a Doctor Who Gingerbread Tardis. I kid you not. Fangirl took one look and immediately decided we had to make it. She mixed up the dough and has left it in the fridge overnight as per instructions. She came back this afternoon to work on it some more The recipe and instructions are on Crafty Tardis . She and Kombi Boy got the dough rolled, cut into the appropriate shapes and iced together. This is what it is supposed to look like in the end

Fangirl objects to snow/winter pictures/snowmen because we are Australian and that is not our Christmas. She is not adding the white icing she says.

This poem is pretty good for explaining about Australian Christmas. Let me know if you need any of the terminology explained to you. There are a few unique terms in it.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Tuesday Musing #illridewithyou

Feeling rather sad today. The siege in Sydney has ended with the death of 2 hostages as well as the gun man. How devastating. I was so hoping and praying that the hostages would all get out of it alive. The cafe manager and a customer were both killed. The flags at the Ambulance station in our town was flying at half mast... I wonder if it was in honour of these ordinary Australians, killed so senselessly.

One of the good things to come out of the whole situations is that ordinary Australians are also standing up to be heard to defend the ordinary Muslim Australian's amongst us, who are innocent of this atrocity. Since the emergence of ISIS there has been a growing number of racist attacks on Muslim women and a lot of gossip and fear mongering on social media attacking aspects of their way of life. However this time ordinary Australians are standing up and saying NO to this kind of things.

I am so overwhelmed and proud of the tweet that has trended world wide #illridewithyou - a message to Muslims using public transport who feel frightened by the possibility of being targeted by those in our community who might blame them for what has happened. It has become more than just an invitation for a safe ride. It has become a way of saying I don't blame you for what has happened. Its not your fault. Onya Aussies - I'm proud of you

I tweeted it. I don't use public transport - there isn't much here in our town anyway. But I did it as a way of showing my support for the peoples of our diverse community.

This report on the ABC website shows this gunman didn't have the support of the majority of the Muslim community.

Dozens of Muslim groups have issued a joint statement expressing their sadness at the tragic end to the siege.

It said the Muslim community's thoughts and prayers went out to the families of those who lost loved ones.

"We pray for the speedy recovery of all those injured and traumatised by this incident," the Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, said.

The statement gave credit to the police, political leaders and the media for the manner in which they dealt with the siege.

"We are confident that with a continued display of responsibility and restraint, community harmony will be maintained and all Australians will be able to recover from the incident and return to normalcy," the Grand Mufti said.

Stash Report on Monday

I am late again this week with my stash report. Yesterday was crazy!

Its coming up to Christmas... we all know that can be a crazy time of year. Yesterday Fixit Guy was worship leader at church so we went up early. After church we had our usual cuppa and lots of chatting with our friends there. Then I went shopping. We had invited a few friends over for a bbq tea and I needed to get some supplies. I did some sewing in the afternoon after I had got back from shopping and then our visitors arrived. One had cancelled but Fangirl and Bek, our other daughter came over. We put together a gingerbread house kit and the girls made the most gorgeous Minion Christmas decorations. After a yummy bbq dinner followed by the TimTam ice-cream I'd made when I got home from shopping the girls were about to go home when they remembered that Queensland was due to have a prime view of a meteor shower. So we sat out on the lawn and stared into the sky. Didn't see much and then checked on the web and found out that the best time to see it was in a couple more hours so we gave up. But it was lovely sitting out there, enjoying the warm summer air.

Today Fixit Guy and I were determined to get back into our routine of walking the dogs in the morning and getting the house work done on Monday morning. He also had a massage appointment at 9 and a dental appointment at 10.40. I had a hair dressing appointment at 10.30 so we were on a pretty tight timeline. Things were going pretty well though. He got most of the vacuuming done before he went out leaving me to get the floors mopped. We have a steam mop which I love... usually... but today of course it played up. I started but it was obviously not working properly. I even had a go at pulling it a part to clean the steam vent but couldn't work out how to do it. He had a go at fixing it when he got home and I managed to get the rest of the mopping done but it was still not working properly.

This afternoon we even managed a second dog walk (they are ecstatic we are back on track) and then not long after 6 our boy Kombi Boy and his partner Gamer Girl arrived home from Brisbane for Christmas. They will be staying with her family for a few days till more of her family arrive and then they will come over to us. They will be having dinner with us till then though cause her dad is working nights so not home to have it with!! It was great to have them here with us for another bbq dinner tonight. (we ate leftovers. I had over catered the day before! )

So one way and another I haven't had a chance to get to writing this blog update. Actually there is another reason. Today a gunman took hostages in a busy Sydney coffee shop. The story has gripped our country and it is hard to really think of anything else as we all hope and pray for a good outcome. I am also very proud of the general Australian public who has overwhelmingly reached out to our Muslim Australians to let them know that we don't blame them. #i'llridewithyou is the number 1 trending hashtag - a message to muslim's who may be worried about travelling on public transport for fear of back lash from others.

Anyway finally getting to write it. Had to update my excel spreadsheet cause... yay I have had some finishes this week.

I have made 3 table runners using the Easy Christmas Table Runner by Rachel Godfrey of One was for Fangirl - a Christmas one to decorate her new table. I showed it in my WIP Wednesday post but here it is again

Fangirl's Christmas Runner

Another is a present for someone who sometimes reads my blog so not spoilers here and the 3rd was for a present swap I was involved with. I can't show a picture of it at the moment as I can't download the photos from my camera as the cord is in the room where Fixit Guy is asleep. I want to get this posted.

I also have made two quilts for a project that our patchwork group has taken on. We have been asked to make some little quilts to be used with babies born too early. The quilts are 23" square and don't have batting in them. I have managed to make 2 this week using light blue and white fabric from my stash. I used a mixture pinwheels and nine patches in one and just pinwheels in the other. I am really happy with how they worked out


Used this week:                               5.71m

Added since last report                 o.0m

Year to Date Used                       139.03m
Year to Date added                       93.47m
Net Used                                          45.56m

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Friday Fitness

We've been home for 9 days now and I think that I have only made my step count on a few of those days and two of those were because I jogged around the kitchen for half an hour before bed. I have LOTS of excuses

Busy. We have had late afternoon/ evening activities so many days since we got home - farewells for our minister, visiting people, setting up for activities at church. It has also been stinking hot and we have also had rain (which has relieved the stinking hot for a bit... then it just becomes stinking muggy) Rain in the morning or overnight has put us off walking in the morning as well. And then our dog Jack got sick - we had to take him to the vet and he ended up with an overnight stay and a small operation to clean out a puncture wound. He now has stitches and apart from being a bit wobbly on the first day he has been moving pretty well. The Vet said to keep him a bit quieter so that can be our excuse for not walking very much!! (Mind you keep a Fox Terrier quiet would mean sedation! When they are that small they can run around in anything except a shoe box!!)

Ok so the bad news.... my weeks worth of stats
Friday 9 993 - . We went out at night to a Quiz night so no evening walk but we managed a morning walk. My phone was flat so couldn't check my steps when we got home. If I had known how close I was to my goal I could have jogged for 10 secs and got over the line.

Our Quiz team. We didn't win... but we had lots of fun.

Saturday 4 829 - lots of sitting around chatting and some sewing... not so much walking. Farewell for our minister at night... lots more sitting around and talking

Sunday 5 901 -  church followed by church luncheon followed by decorating the Christmas tree and house and then Carols by Candlelight at night... not much time for walking

Monday 10 127 The dogs got a walk and did some jogging. There has been a fire through where we walk whilst we have been away and the bit of rain we have had has really greened it up along the river. Some old farm machinery that has been there forever now stands out more

Tuesday 10 069 There was a LOT of jogging on the spot for this result.... I was about 4000 at bedtime and I was determined to get over the line. We were going to go for an afternoon walk but visited our daughter instead

Wednesday 10 127 Patchwork all day  meant not so many steps but we did get in a dog walk at some point and again... lots of jogging on the spot. Our planned dog walk was thwarted by clipping one of them instead

Thursday 11 213 We managed a morning walk but the afternoon we were setting up for Walk Through Bethlehem. That involved lots of walking so for once no jogging to get me over the line

Actually looking at them... the stats aren't so bad. The few days after we got home were disastrous but obviously improved. But they were the week before so I don't have to go into those. So... not so bad afterall. Just 2 disaster days. Today is not shaping up too good though as I have a phone meeting shortly and then tonight we have "Walk Through Bethlehem" at our church... we set up market stalls etc to mimic the scene in Bethlehem. I am going to be on the baker's stall learning how to make narn bread from our lovely Indian friend... so I can do it on my own next week when she can't make it (we do the Walk 2 weeks running)

This delightful video came up on my Facebook feed recently. It is so great and should help lots of my lovely readers from the USA understand some of my Australianisms. Enjoy

I found a second one by the same couple. They are so lovely I thought that you can't get too much of a good thing!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WIP Wednesday. Vanishing Hours gets some attention again

I started to write a WIP Wednesday report last week after I got home from our big trip away but I didn't get it finished as I didn't have photos... still don't of some of the projects so will just do a recap of the last 2 weeks

Our last week of our holidays we were mostly in the Flinders Ranges, which is in South Australia, about 5 hours from Adelaide. For the first 7 weeks or so of our trip temperatures were on the whole cooler than usual. Of course as soon as we headed inland the temperatures rose somewhat! We were blessed that we could do our exploring and walking in the morning and relax more in the afternoon and then go for a sleep in the resort pool.

I managed to get some sewing done too. Our patchwork group has started a Block of the Month. The lady running it had chosen several months in advance and I had been able to take the patterns with me (she chose them off the internet) Whilst we were camping at Flinders Ranges I made up several blocks but I had misunderstood and thought that all the blocks were going to be in blue and white and so had taken a pile of blue and white scraps with me to make them. However once I had made them I found out via an email that the next block was supposed to be in pink and white... oops. I took the blocks I had done (2 of the first month and one for the second month) to patchwork today and found that I wasn't the only one to have made the second block in blue and white as well. They can go into the back.

I worked on my Christmas embroideries on the long journey home. We did the trip in just 2 days - which was pretty huge. Stitching the redwork patterns passed the time for me. I got 3 completed and started the 4th. I have worked on the 4th one during a meeting or two since we got home and whilst waiting for appointments so that has made good progress.

a finished embroidery block

Pam from Hip to Be a Square podcast and blog shared a great pattern she had got from Craftsy... a free download. It was called Easy Christmas Table Runner by Sew Today Clean Tomorrow I went to Craftsy and downloaded it as well and have made two of these gorgeous table runners. I can only share one of them here as the 2nd one is a gift for someone who may read this blog. The 2nd one I made for my daughter Fangirl. She recently moved into her first home of her very own... she bought a townhouse just before we went away on our camping holiday. She has a lovely big table that it will look beautiful on. I gave it to her today and she was very happy with it. I forgot to take a photo of it but she kindly took one and messaged it through to me so I could put it on my blog. 


I made it sort of reversible ... only I stuffed up the alignment on the back so it didn't end up straight but still... I was pretty happy with it and Fangirl is happy so that was great.

At Patchwork today after I had quilted the table runner I got back to work on Vanishing Hours. I used the big design wall we have there to work on the layout of the quilt

We tweaked a it a few times and to be honest... I don't think this was the final layout but pretty close. Once I had decided I labelled each block... A-F across the top and 1-7 down the side. Before I left to come home I had sewn all the blocks into rows and tonight I got some of the rows stitched together so I am making a bit of progress

I forgot to say... when I sat down at my Janome Horizon, to sew the when I first got home... it seemed so HUGE having only had my little Gem to work on whilst away. I am slowly getting used to it again although at Patchwork today I was back on the Gem

Now that I am no longer driving around the countryside I don't have the gorgeous photos of my wonderful country to give you as eye candy. I will salt this blog with some of the photos I haven't shown you occassionally

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stash Report a couple of weeks together

Haven't posted properly since I got home... sorry about that. Have hit the ground running. In the 5 days since we got back have had doctors appointments, catch up with friends, farewell for our minister, a Quiz night, church and church lunch, a carols service and have had to try to sort out the camping stuff. Oh and get some Christmas happening in the house.

I have made a bit of time for sewing and have a little something ALMOST completed. I was going to try to get the binding stitched down so I could report a finish BUT then went out the carols service and when I got home realised I needed to write to my family (I send an email letter each week which I send to my brothers, sisters, children and some nieces and nephews, cousins and family friends) SO... the project didn't get finished. 

I didn't do a report last week due to technical difficulties. I have had no finishes but did buy some fabric. I got .5m white tone on tone in Warracknabeal to do some embroideries on for some patterns I had bought at the same time. Then whilst in Adelaide. I broke my "Only  buy it if you have a project for it" rule and got 4 fat quarters and a half metre piece from "Bluebird Park" by Kate & Birdie Paper Co for Moda. 

I also bought this pattern whilst I was there. Looking forward to making it

So no finishes and 1.5 m purchased

Used this week:                               0.00m

Added since last report                 1.50m

Year to Date Used                       133.31m
Year to Date added                       93.47m
Net Used                                          39.84m

So I'm still in the black.