Friday, July 18, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - on a Friday

I can write my stash report today as I am going away tomorrow and the machine is not coming so there will be no stitching done in the next 10 days. I did suggest to Fixit Guy that perhaps I would take my sewing machine with me but I got "the Look" My kids know this look. Its sort of "No" "Are you kidding me?" "As if" and a few other things rolled into one. He doesn't say no very often - the look sort of does it.

Anyway... this early report will be it for the next two stash reports.

I have had 2 finishes this week and again NO fabric purchases.

Twist and Disappear.
Its done. I put it under the machine one night and got all the quilting done, including the border. The next day I trimmed it up and machined the binding on front and back. I wrote all about it in Wednesday WIP report. It was good to get it done. I think this is destined for charity. I will take it to the office for Uniting Care when I get back.

Fabric used 4.06m

Gamer Girl's Christmas Stocking
This was one of my July goals. Think it was also April or May's goal too but I got it done. She loves My Little Pony but had none of that fabric, let alone anything Christmassy. I did wonder about making it rather alternative in black and white or something like that but in the end decided to make it so that it matched Kombi Boy's stocking in traditional colours. I couldn't remember how I had made the other one, even with it sitting there. I cut out 2 stocking shapes by tracing around KB's stocking onto some old white sheeting.
I used Kombi Boy's stocking as a pattern
 I cut out some wadding (that I had Frankenbatted) the same shape. Then I sort of paper pieced and quilt as you go onto the fabric and wadding using 1.5" strips of christmas fabric. I had to sort my 1.5" strip scraps to find the Christmas strips first. Whilst I was on the job I thought I would sort the rest of my strips that were jammed into a plastic drawer. I basically sorted them into colour with separate piles for my Australian themed strips and Christmas strips. (this took ages and meant I didn't get any sewing done yesterday)

It was tricky working my way around the corner of the stocking. I had to bring the strips into a point and fan out behind to get them around the corner.

I started at the toe of the stocking. Not sure why

Around the corner and up the leg


It matches Kombi Boy's stocking. His is the only one that "kicks" to the right. All our stockings kick to the left so Gamer Girl's matches his.

Fabric used .5m

Used this week:                        4.56m
Added this week                        0m

Year to Date Used                     100.58
Year to Date added                     72.27
Net Used                                    28.31

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fitness Friday

Not a lot to report. I have managed to walk everyday this week, usually twice a day. I didn't make my steps one day... Saturday I think it was but managed to get to to 10 000 every other day. I had been languishing back in 4th spot amongst my fitbit bit friends a good bit for a week or so but this week the two women who'd been vying for top spot both had to return to work after very active holidays so their step counts have been down. My steps remain fairly constant

Haven't weighed myself. My scales are flat. I have had a few blow outs this week but hopefully keeping up my steps will help keep things at bay

This coming week we will be on holidays which means eating out most meals. I hope that I can get lots of steps in to keep things on an even keel! I am not promising to resist temptation too much!!

I did manage to run once! Only once. I finished week 4 day 2 of c25k. I should have run again yesterday but it was our wedding anniversary. We had a special breakfast - waffles cooked by Boyo and bacon and eggs by Fixit Guy. Fangirl joined us which was lovely. By the time breakfast was over I had less than an hour before I had to be somewhere else so no time to run then and afterwards... well the day slipped away. Thought about going in the mid afternoon but then Fixit Guy decided he would come come too so we walked.

Hopefully my next report in next week I will be able to report that I have continued to keep up my steps despite being away on holidays and no dog to nag us for a twice daily walk.

Fixit Stats Weekly 7 day steps (as at 11.30 Friday) 81,054

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday Our Wedding Day

Usually for Throwback Thursday I go back to a quilt or group of quilts that I have made but today it is totally self absorbent. Today is our wedding anniversary.

The photos are from my facebook so reduced resolution. They are also scans of the original so sorry for lack of quality.

 Fixit Guy and I had met on Groote Eylandt which is in the Gulf of Carpentaria, off the Northern Territory Coast in May 1981. He was a graduate engineer with GEMCo and I went there to teach Gd 2 at the school in the mining town (as opposed to the schools on the Aboriginal settlements)

The A shows Groote Eylandt

We decided to get married when he was notified he was being transferred to Sydney. He was a bush boy - born and brought up in Northern Qld on isolated properties. The idea of moving to the city did NOT fill him with much enthusiasm. The city he was transferred to happened to be the one most of my family were living in so it made planning the wedding so much easier. I resigned my teaching position and followed him back to Sydney.

We had only been in Sydney for a couple of months so didn't have our "own" church. We were married in the chapel that was attached to the Baptist Theological College. At the time my wonderful Dad was the business manager there and he and my Mum lived in a flat (unit/apartment) on the grounds of the college. There was quite a bit of married and single accommodation provided for staff and students at the college.

We asked an very dear friend of my family to officiate at the wedding. He had been our minister when I was baptised as a 13 year old and our families had remained in close contact over the years.

My oldest niece (at the time only) was my flower girl. She was just 7. 2 of my sisters, the 2 closest in age to me, were my other attendants. One of them had a 6 weeks old baby and the other was just pregnant. (another sister and a sister in law were also pregnant... it was quite a year for my family) When choosing outfits we had to make sure that the new mum could safely feed in it and also that it was flexible in design to fit her unpredictable waist line. Initially I had thought I would be teaching on Groote till just 2 weeks before the wedding so had told them to go choose something that they all liked - burgundy would be nice. They ended up buying reddish blouses and then had skirts made. My niece had a dress made in the same fabric as the skirts.
Patricia, Dorothy and Belinda. My attendants. Our mum's did the flowers from flowers we bought at the Sydney markets. They also did the flowers at the church
My dress I had bought on my own in Townsville. I had one day to shop (thinking that I would only have 2 weeks before the wedding in civilization) I went on my own and went to the 3 or 4 bridal shops that Townsville had. I chose one from a small boutique although they had to make it in my size. I got them to make it in the heaviest suitable fabrics since I was being married mid winter in Sydney.  The original outfit was a dress but I had it made as a skirt and blouse with a cumberbund. It worked very well. In retrospect I am not sure why I didn't ask my Mother-in-Law to come shopping with me, or my aunt or cousin with whom I was staying. Mind you I had only met my MIL once at this stage and only then for half an hour or so. I wasn't to know she was to become one of the most special people that I have ever met, one whom I was honoured to call Mum for the rest of her life.
The necklace I am wearing was worn by my MIL and her mother at their weddings. It is one of my special possessions as I inherited it from Mum when she died.
My veil was set from the beginning. In 1969 my oldest sister Beth had bought a veil for her wedding. Each of her sisters had borrowed it for their subsequent weddings over the next  13 years (all 6 sisters wore that veil. Isn't that wonderful) The first 4 used the same head piece but the for the last 2 of us... well it had become rather dated. Dorothy had been able to borrow the lovely head dress of orange blossom, made from wax that our mum had worn, which had been borrowed from Mum's cousin. Me... I ended up buying 2 or 3 sprays of silk flowers and twisted them together to make a coronet. Simple, cheap and effective.
with my darling dad
Fixit Guy had very few friends or family at the wedding. We were married in Sydney and most of his family were from North Queensland and weren't able to make it down. There were a sprinkling of friends and family who did come, and few work mates and some NSW based cousins. The rest of the guests were my extended family and friends. We had a lovely day. We chose a morning wedding. We didn't need wedding cars as we just walked across the lawns of the college to the chapel. We had photos in the college grounds and then walked back across the lawns to the college dining room where the reception was held.

For our honeymoon we had a driving holiday, in my parents car as Fixit Guys car had an electrical fire in it just days before hand. Fixit Guy loves driving, and had never been south of Sydney so this was our chance to explore. We drove South along the NSW coast and back over the Snowy Mountains, through Canberra and back to Sydney. We stayed in not particularly flash motels and its all my fault cause I booked them but I have always felt a bit "done in" over the honeymoon, especially when my friend Sophie who was married a few weeks later had 10 days in Fiji. We are going to have a lovely holiday on a pacific island one day. I have promised myself that. (32 years later I'm still saying it)

WIP Wednesday

Twist and Disappear.
I worked on "Twist and Disappear" This week. I got it pinned last week at Patchwork and then yesterday (Tuesday) I was able to start quilting it. Its not a big quilt and I did a very basic stipple all over the top.
Embedded image permalink

 I did a loopy loop chain in the borders - doing a circle each time I changed direction. Tonight I got the binding done. As has been my habit of late I machined it on the back flipped it over to the front and machined it down with a decorative stitch. This time I chose a circle one (Mode 3 stitch 33 on my Janome Horizon) Used varigated thread. Its not great - long way from perfect but it is done and another one crossed off my to do pile.
Embedded image permalink

Not sure where this one is going. I was taught the block in a workshop our group had at the beginning of June. I went on to make 12 of the blocks (many people just made a table runner or a bag. I chose to do a quilt) - 5 on the day of the work shop and another 7 at the retreat I went on a few days later. I used a lovely red polar fleece on the bag so it is all rather snuggley. I only finished it half an hour ago so just a couple of photos

Embedded image permalink

Riverwalk, last week's finish, got hung at church on Sunday but I wasn't really happy with how it hung so I bought it home. I've put another rod in the bottom of the quilt to help it hang straight but still not 100% happy but it is still lovely to look at and will aid to worship at church I hope. I will drop it back up there on Friday when I got up to bible study.

I had planned to start work on trimming up the blocks for my half square triangle Around the World quilt today at Patchwork. However I was asked to work. Usually I say no on my patchwork day but haven't had any teaching all year and this was at a lovely little country school half an hour away. I had the Preps, Gd 1 and Gd 2 class and had a lovely day. Haven't done much teaching for a few years as I feel I am transitioning to retirement along with my husband. My voluntary work keeps me pretty busy anyway so I don't chase it. It was nice to dip my toe back into the water but still don't think I will chase more work. If it comes to me and I can do it then I probably will but will leave it for them to come to me.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Midmonth check in

Its almost half way through July. I thought I would check back on my goals for this month

 1.Finish the top for my Disappearing into the Blue quilt and make the backing. I am going to piece it from leftover fabric I got for the top. Then send it out to get quilted. Its going to be 90"x100" and too big for me to enjoy working on. I'll probably send it to my friend Kym at Professional Quilting Service

This is done. Yes. I have posted it off to Kym this morning. 

2. Trim up the half square triangles and start assembling my Black and White (with a touch of red) trip around the world quilt. (waiting for my special ruler to arrive)

My ruler has arrived at last but I have yet to start trimming the blocks. I will start it on Wednesday as I will make this my new Patchwork group project, although it is going to take a bit of working on. I will have to lay it out on the design wall and then label the rows. Trimming will take a while though. They might come away with me on our trip as the trimming of them will be pretty portable.

3. Make Gamer Girl's Christmas Stocking (She's my son's partner and she doesn't have her own Christmas stocking at our place. We currently use one of the "spares" for her but she definitely needs her own special one) I want to have it done well and truly before Christmas!!

This is still languishing. Perhaps I will have a look at it this afternoon

4. Finish Teddies and Pinwheels quilt (top and back made. Needs pinning and quilting)

This is done. Woot woot

5. Finish Twist and Disappear (Disappearing 9 patch with a twist quilt) Needs pinning and quilting.

Its been pinned!

6. Finish the two Craftsy Classes I have almost finished. Do some of the projects/exercises mentioned in them!!

Hmmm nothing done. Maybe I could watch these whilst I am away next week. We will have wifi. Even if I don't have my machine or projects with me. Its a definite goer as far as the photography one goes anyway

7. Start Teashop wall hanging when it arrives.

Had a glitch with this. I got an email from the shop where I had ordered it from saying that they were out of stock and didn't know when they would get more in stock. So did a web search and did find it cheaper somewhere else but they didn't list that they posted to Australia. However when I looked further I realised that they wanted you to contact them re postage which I did. There was another mixup. They said to add the extra when I did paypal check out but when I did that it didn't let me change the amount. They kindly said not to worry they would cover the extra cost. What service. The site was Daisy Chain Designs and they have heaps of gorgeous patterns. I ended up buying 3 patterns, all by Gail Pemberthy... they are so cute. As well as the Tea Cosy and Coaster patterns of the tea shop I got Tea and Friends as well as Tea and Company

 the plan is to incorporate them into the one quilt

8. Make seasonal wall hanging from the stitcheries my mum made for me

Haven't started on this yet.

I was discussing what I would do today with newly retired Fixit Guy who was working on fixing the side patio. The pavers are lifting due to action of the roots of a big tree. Boyo was helping him. I was wondering what I would do having had a few disruptions to my morning. FG thought housework sounded like a good idea. I said maybe I could work on a new quilt. Boyo screwed up his nose and said "Haven't you got enough quilts" He needs retraining. 

In the end I did neither. I remembered I had to go to the council and pay dog registration, go to the post office and post a parcel (quilt off to long armer) and grab some groceries esp peanut butter and milk plus some more veggies. Home now and can't get my head straight. Think I need a snooze.

I had better stop there before I get way too adventurous and over commit myself 

Sunday Stash Report - some finishes

I am delighted to be able to report two finishes this week. And no purchases so that is extra good.


I got this pinned at our Patchwork get together on Wednesday I started work on quilting it on Thursday. I chose to quilt it using the words of Jeremiah 17:7-8

“Happy are those who trust in the Lord… they will be like trees planted by the streams, whose roots reach down to the water….their leaves will remain green”  
Embedded image permalink

The words aren't really very obvious and I am happy with that. I know they are there and they are the reason behind the quilt. Sandy from Quilting for the Rest of Us helped me with that verse. It was just perfect for what I was wanting for the banner. After I quilted the words in I filled in other gaps on the quilt with a leaf pattern. Some of the leaves were in a chain of leaves and others were individual. I was very happy with the quilting.

I didn't want a border on the quilt nor a binding that would be a mini border in itself. Instead at the suggestion of some of the Twilters (the quilters on Twitter) I did a knife edge binding. First I had to find out what that was. I googled it and found a tutorial for it here I didn't follow the directions exactly since my wadding was only a worn out flannelette sheet I didn't bother trimming it back a quarter of an inch but folded it over too. 

Maybe I should have but... Finished it by hand sewing a rod pocket along the top and writing a label and stitching in on
Embedded image permalink

I took it to church this morning and hung it for the service. I was a bit disappointed with it. I think it will look better with a rod pocket at the bottom too to help it hang straighter. Also the edges were a bit ruffled. Not sure how I can fix that or if it really needs it. I might be the only one it bothers. I forgot to take a photo.  I bought it home after church to put the rod pocket on it this week. 

It measured 172cm x 90cm for a total fabric usage of 3.69m 

Teddies and Pinwheels
I had planned to pin this quilt at the Patchwork Rooms on Wednesday whilst I was there however I discovered that my naughty cat Pippin had left his mark on it so I needed to take it home and wash it. This I did that afternoon and dried it in the dryer. I then found that some of the hand dyes in it had run and marked some of the white border fabric. I sighed (loudly) and decided whatever to just go ahead and use it. SO I pinned it out that evening and then yesterday, after a big roast dinner with all my children present I left them to do the clearing up and went downstairs to quilt. I had thought I would just make a bit of a start on it but got on a roll and kept on going late late into the night. At 1.20am I finished it off. 

I used a variegated purple thread to do large stipples all over the quilt apart from the embroideries which I quilted up to by not on. For the borders I did a long looping design with little circles at each change of direction

Yet again I did a machined binding. I really like them. I have heard that if you want to enter your quilts in shows (and win) then you should hand stitch your borders down... but guess what? I don't want to do that so machined is fine by me. I love choosing different stitches from my decorative choices. This time I did a squiggle that went over the folded edge, back and forth across the binding and the edge of the border.

It measured 112cm square for a total fabric usage of 3m 

I still have my Twist and Disappear, the disappearing 9 patch with a twist, pinned and ready to be quilted. Disappearing into the Blue is ready for me to send to the long armer. I just have to get it to the post office.

So my Stash report for the week is 6.7m 

Used this week:                        6.7m
Added this week                        0m

Year to Date Used                     96.02
Year to Date added                   72.27
Net Used                                   24.75

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Fitness

Its been a rather chilly week here although compared to temperatures experienced by other places its not that cold but... 3 degrees C is cold for us. Some places around had negative temps. Brrrr

Still I have managed to keep up my steps on Fitbit achieving 10 000 steps most days. I did have a low day on Saturday but we had driven into Yeppoon and had an evening service so 4 hours sitting in a car puts a dint in the steps you can chalk up. I am sitting about 4th in my friends list. 2 of my friends have been on active holidays which have included huge hikes etc so their step counts have been massive. They are currently sitting at over 120 000 steps and that isn't going to happen with me any time soon. I'm currently sitting on 82 432 steps for the last 7 days.

I have been walking 3 times a week with my good friend Maree (who has just got her own fit bit so we will be challenging each other I am sure) Even though the temperature has been 4 degrees we have still gone for our walk down by the river. It is getting so dry. No rain for months. The grasses are drying off. There have been more kangaroos about the place as the grass by the drains that lead down to the creek is the only green pick about. There have been lots of river birds about too. And sulphur crested cockatoos as well. Just gorgeous. I usually only have my phone with me on my walk so my photos aren't as wonderful as they might be. I am trying though. Fixit Guy and I have walked most afternoons as well

Sulphur crested cockatoo hiding in the branches

On Sunday we were able to go for a lovely long walk along the beach as we were in Yeppoon overnight. It made a lovely change from our walks by the river although both are beautiful in their own way. We got to eat breakfast overlooking the beach. That is something we can't do at home
There were lots of others out there enjoying a morning stroll as well

Seagull scaring.

"Trust in the Lord with all your might and lean not to your own understanding" Writing texts in the sand has been a tradition for Fixit Guy and me over the years. This is a favourite.

I have also done some running! I am up to week 4 day 2 of C25K. I tried to weigh myself but the battery on the scales is flat so no joy there. Probably good to keep myself in ignorance.

All our children are in town this week. Our oldest son (known as Massage Man) lives in Melbourne but he came home for a week. Our younger two boys are at university in Brisbane but are in town for the uni mid year break. Kombi Boy and his partner Gamer Girl are staying at her father's place but our youngest Boyo is at home. Our daughter Fangirl lives in town. We have taken the opportunity to have a few family dinners and get togethers including a bbq here at the house and one out at the nearby Dam.