Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have had a busy day today trying to get ready to go away. Only 2 days now till I leave. Exciting and scary. Actually it is a day and a half till I leave Emerald and 2 days till I leave Australia.

This morning the electricians arrived to finish off some work in our new car port. They installed 2 double powerpoints and two fluro lights. I think we get to declare the carport finished.

While they were here, because they had to turn the power off I couldn't do some work I needed to do on the computer so instead I worked on my bag. I wanted to get it down to 7kgs as we are trying to "one bag" it ie travel with just one cabin sized bag for our trip which means that we don't have to wait for the baggage to be unloaded from the plane and so we get to the head of the queue for customs. As well as that and perhaps more importantly we don't have to lug so much stuff around with us. When we get to our first 3 destinations on the plane ie Narita, Rome and London we have to get public transport to our accommodation. As well, all around Italy we are travelling by train so it is going to be much easier to do this if we don't have to lug so much stuff. It was pretty tricky but by wearing all my heaviest gear, putting my camera in my pocket, and carrying my folder of papers I managed to come in under 7 kgs - woot woot. This is the link I am not sure if that will work as a hot link... not sure how to do that in blogs. Will see if it works. At least you have the address if you need it.

Once I got through the packing I went out for a while to try to get a few jobs done. I got myself a long sleeved shirt. I am beginning to panic about being cold. I also saw the accountant re last years tax (mine is all done) and did some P&C stuff. Isn't this riverting stuff.

Later on in the day went back up the street with youngest son and got him a jacket for camp. He goes while I am away. Tonight while the rest of Queensland was watching the State of Origin match I entered the P&C bills, then paid the bills and did the wages so I am all up to date. I have to hand the stuff over to someone else while I am gone.

Oldest son, G, went back to Brisbane today. He has to pack his bag and get himself organised to go with me on Friday. He also has to finalise his prac assignment and hand that in. I am expecting his cat to give us all a hard time. Tiger adores G and the feeling is mutual. After G leaves Tiger misses him terribly and whinges and looks pathetic. So far she hasn't reacted... but I am waiting for it to start. I was thinking I would miss it as orgingally G and I were going to leave together on Friday, till G decided he needed to be back earlier and also that he needed his car back in Brisbane.

I am sorry I don't have any photos for the post yet. I have to work out how to add them and also I haven't taken any yet.

I got onto our internet provider today about increasing our download both in speed and in amount. Ended up being offered a deal which does both for a lesser amount than we are currently paying which is good. It is supposed to kick in at midnight tonight. Perhaps I will wait up and see if it works.

Middle Son C just got home. He was watching the State of Origin with other blokes from his Cell group from church. Apparently Queensland won by 4 points which is good, but given that they were leading by 18 at one point it was a close call. Since I was staying up to go and get him but he ended up getting a lift home with a mate, I can now go to bed. Night all

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