Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Setting New Goals for December plus evaluating November goals

  • Complete Ella's Quilt DONE Have to post it off after I make the label
  • Make some Christmas gifts DONE Made the 6 wall hangings which are all going to be gifts
  • prepare for Bonnie Hunter Mystery Think this is officially a bust. Maybe I will get to it but its so much fabric. Just not happy to invest in that much when I don't know if I'll like it. I want to work from my stash and that is officially how hers in done but I am not confident the colours I have will work. 
  • start Droid quilt Still not started. Maybe next week
  • Put Amy Gibson blocks together Nope not done. Hope to do it this coming week
  • make Nimbus POD block DONE
  • Make Dobby POD Block DONE
  • remove Paper from POD rows DONE
  • Make Percy's Fiez block DONE
  • make Flying Keys POD block DONE
  • make Cornish Pixie POD block DONE
  • Make POD photo frame block DONE
  • Make 100 hexagons - 162 DONE

So for the month that's10 goals completed and 3 not done at all'

Now for December

Make 2 more casserole carriers. I made 2 this past week. I have orders for another one (although not the dimensions required for it) and I want one for myself. People were asking for them at our previous stalls so I can make more to sell for the Handmade Love.
Work on POD quilt - make map block and rolled parchment block (waiting for the fabric to arrive for the map). This is for Fangirl's birthday so need to have it done by Feb.

Hexie Quilt Make 175 hexies (enough full ones to finish the quilt) - actually have already done about 25 of these so am underway.Make 41 half hexies. I will have to find the pattern for them. Guess I can just print out the full hexies and cut in half. That will work! Work out pattern for stitching Hexies together.

Work on Diamonds and Dashes quilt from Missouri Star. I've cut the 5"x10" rectangles. Need a few more cut and also have to get the fabric for the dashes and diamonds. I had hoped to look for the sashing fabric whilst in Rocky yesterday but didn't get time.

Put elephant parade quilt together. The baby that this is to be for has arrived.  I made the blocks earlier in the year. Now I have to work out exactly how to put it together. 

Work on Hashtag quilt. The blocks from the Twilter block swap have arrived and now need to go into a quilt

Work on Amy Gibson quilt 

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