Thursday, December 3, 2015

WIP Wednesday on Thursday

I haven't got much sewing done this week at all. I blogged about the casserole carrier I made in my stash report. I did some alterations for a friend to 3 kaftans that were too big around the top (I took them up at the shoulders and they are sitting much better she assures me) 

I have done a lot of hand stitching. We drove into Yeppoon on Sunday and home on Monday afternoon so that was 7 hours of sewing time as well as an hour during church. I was also feeling rather unwell yesterday so spent the afternoon and evening in bed and have finished all the hexies I had prepped. I think that means I have enough for the quilt I was planning. I still have to make the half hexagons to fill in the edges. For some time I have been convinced that I needed 1536 hexagons plus 41 half hexagons for this quilt. I went back through my blogs to find the link to the page where I did my calculations and found that in fact I needed 1523 hexagons (at least that is what I had on my blog post) Now I don't know which number is correct... guess when I start to put it together I will find out.

The other project I have been fiddling with the week is the Elephant Parade quilt. I made these blocks at the beginning of the year. One block a week was released over a couple of months. You could make multiples of any one of them but I chose to only make one of each. Now I have to work out how I will put them together to make a reasonable size quilt for a new baby born to friends recently.

Unfortunately since we got home from our trip to Rockhampton to see a dear friend in hospital and to go bridal shopping with a good friend, I have been sick with a low grade virus. I have been left feeling exhausted - achy, headache, bit nauseous but mostly just exhausted. Ever since I have had Barmah Forest virus 2 years ago (and glandular fever 15 years before that) this feeling really scares me. I keep thinking maybe I am just "bunging it on" that there is nothing wrong with me and I should just buck up and get out of bed and get moving. But it isn't like me to want to do nothing. I have sewing projects I am keen to get going with, some cooking projects likewise that I want to do, commitments I have made that I want to keep. So I know that there is something not right and rest is what I currently need. But I don't listen too well to myself. I wrote about having Barmah Forrest here

Twice I went downstairs to take a photo of my Elephant Parade Quilt but each time I got distracted and didn't get the photo so this too is going up without any photos. Sorry. I'm already a day late posting so I had better not waste any more time

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  1. I hope you feel 100% better soon. Seems like you are on the go all the time so I hope you take it easy a bit. Are we allowed to stitch during church? Lol!!