Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I'm Back... again...

Hi all

I've been off the blog for a little bit... not too long but managed to miss a few regular posts. I wrote last week's WIP Wednesday but didn't get to post it and then missed Friday's Fitness report and Sunday's stash report.

My computer crashed on me AGAIN... died completely this time. Fixit Guy tried to get it going and he went back up to the computer shop but they said that the hard drive was obviously corrupted and I'd need a new one of those and... it got complicated and expensive and.... so he just came home again.

We made the decision that I would get a new computer. This is a bit of a yay... oh no situation. Who doesn't love something new and bright and shiny that may well go faster and more efficiently and all of that. But then one has to learn to use that new shiny thing and I admit to being a bit of a reluctant starting in those things. I very much like what is old and familiar.

I tried to use the Blogger Ap on my phone and Ipad to do my posts but I find it rather difficult in that I miss the features available on the computer version... adding links, font features and all that (but esecially adding links)

I could have used my husband's laptop but ok ... another dumb bunny moment... I find it tricky to log out of one email address and back in on another. He uses a gmail account and I worry about logging him out and me in and getting back out again. There I said it.

Now gentle reader you can see that I am writing a new blog post albeit you probably can't tell that I am not using the blogger ap... because... I have a new laptop (well its probably a notebook actually but whatever... a new portable computer device) Fixit Guy and I are currently in Brisbane (or Brisvegas as we sometimes refer to it) We are staying with our children (well some of them) in our townhouse in Brisbane. Kombi Boy and his partner Gamer Girl live in the townhouse full time with our youngest son Boyo. Boyo isn't here atm as he is in Bali having a great time (and staying safe I hope) with some of his uni mates. Fangirl has recently moved to Brisbane for her work and she is staying here too until she rents her own place. Its a 3 bedroom unit. FG is currently sleeping in Boyo's room while he is away so that Fixit Guy and I can have the queen bed in the room she is using. This is only fair since we set the room up for us to use when we are in Brisbane and she has taken it over.

Mr Fixit and I came down to Brisbane to accomplish a variety of tasks... FG's birthday, visits to financial advisor, medical appointments, maintainance issues for the unit and amongst all that... we bought me a new computer. We got a Toshiba again as that is my preferred brand. I find them sturdy and robust. Of course we didn't bring our product key with us so I can't load Office onto it so still a little handicapped but will get that all set up once we are back home again.

Anyway - I'm back and hope to blog regularly from here on in but then again.... there'll be other excuses not to do it.

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