Thursday, February 11, 2016

Monthly Goal Check In

Since we are a third of the way through the month... actually almost half way since February only has 29 days in it, I reckoned it was time I checked in to see how I have been going.
  • work on my hexie quilt. Start stitching them together I've made good progress on this since I have been away from home and so haven't had my machine to distract me. The plane trip, time spent on the buses into and out of time, a long long wait at a hospital whilst my husband had some tests, and time sitting and chatting to my kids, has given me lots of stitching time. I have 14 complete flowers made. Only... heaps more to got.

  • Pin and quilt hashtag quilt I had hoped to get the pinning done at Patchwork last week but I had a recurrence of the fatigue that has hit me a few times since my initial attack of Barmah Forrest virus and I just couldn't get out of bed to go. I slept till after midday so I was tired! I am not going to get to Patchwork for the rest of the month as we are going to be away. Even if I got it pinned I probably wouldn't get time to quilt it as I will only have my little machine with me and so not be able to quilt it. I MIGHT get it pinned this Saturday but failing that I am going to call this one a bust for February.

  • Work on Diamond Dash quilt. Sew blocks into strips. DONE Cut and attach sashing. DONE Decide on border and attach. It ended up much bigger than I had anticpated. It only needed side borders and these are done. Make backing. Wanted to get a second DnD quilt cut out first so as to not use up fabric I wanted for that in the backing . So this isn't done. Pin and quilt not yet

  • Make a second Diamond Dash Quilt - rectangles are cut out and the corner bits are done. Hope to get lots done on this whilst we are away. And make the backing for it and DnD

  • make butterfly zipper pouch Not yet - another project I plan to take away with me

  • decide on some projects for Handmade With Love and complete. Not yet but hope to find something that I can work on whilst we are away visiting my in laws. I just ordered some more zippers so I can do a heap of zipper pouches should I so choose. I found a few patterns for things that look interesting that I am keen to try. I'll see how these go. I found a link that had a collection of interesting patterns.

DIY Bow Tie Drool Bib...for BOYS! (from a Men's shirt) | via Make It and Love It
Easy Cosmetics Bag Pattern. Free pattern, quick and easy to sew but so many uses!

If you have any suggestions for items our group could sew to sell to raise money for the school "Our Rainbow House" in Chainda Zambia put it in the comments below or email me the link at Thanks

  • empty scrap basket at least once during the month Not yet. I should do it when I get home tomorrow before it gets any fuller. It will be much quicker to deal with. Then again - where is the fun in that?
Hopefully by the next time I make a blog post I will have been able to downloaded a compatible browser and that will make writing these blogs easier.

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  1. You are making some progress and that is important!