Thursday, August 11, 2016

WIP Woopsday

I forgot to do a WIP Wednesday yesterday so am going to dash one off to you now before I dash out the door. I am off again - this time to Sydney to catch up with my family. The occasion this time (read excuse) is my 2nd eldest sister Joy's 70th birthday celebration. How could I refuse. I have had to miss a lot of family celebrations over the years because I live almost 2 000 kms away from them. I have yet to make it to any of my nieces or nephews 21st birthday celebrations however I have made it to all their weddings (that I have been invited to) and am now making it a policy to get to all my siblings 70th's!

So I am leaving in less than an hour and will be gone for 8 days. I will spend time with my darling mum, who will be 94 next month and lives in a retirement facility and also catch up with as many of my siblings and nieces and nephews as I can as well as another dear family that are my adopted parents. When I was a student at college coming up to 40 years ago they supplied lots of love and home life to me whilst living away from home (at that stage my parents lived in the country - 600kms away)

Meantime what have I been working on this week. We were away from Friday till Wednesday so it was dependent largely on what I took with me. And I forgot the zips so my plans to make lots of bags etc evaporated.

I got the remaining letters of the Repeat wall hanging made although I still have to reprint another "e" and do it as somehow I got different sizes in my printing. I have removed all the papers and now have to sew them together but that will have to wait till I return as I won't be able to take my sewing machine with me this time!

I have done some crocheting in the car as we drove over to and back from Sarina as well as during the day that we spent in meetings. I have now completed 3 hanging kitchen towels. I must admit I much prefer the ones I make out of the hand towels and to which I add a cloth hanging part but many people like the ones with the crocheted hanging so I am making some of those for the Handmade with Love stall I have been crocheting since I was a young teen and make up my own pattern. Nothing fancy but they work.

As well as the completed towels I have crocheted a rainbow striped scarf for myself for Emmaus gatherings. I have already made Fixit Guy one so now we will have one each.

I have my crochet with me to do work in the plane and whilst visiting my family. I am going to miss my sewing machine. I should have organised myself some other handwork to do but I can always buy more wool whilst away and more tea towels if necessary.

I have heard that there is a craft exchange place in Sydney not too far from where my mum lives and I am hoping that I can make a trip to that as well as to my favourite patchwork shop in Sydney that is conveniently between the sister and stay with and my mum's. That is probably why it is my favourite one.. its the only one I can easily get to.

Hope you have had a good week and made progress with your projects.

Sorry no photos of any projects but here are some shots of where we were camping earlier in the week.. absolute beach frontage. We had walks each evening along the beach it was gorgeous

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  1. I'm late reading this, but I sincerely hope you are having a great time with your family.