Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mid Month Goal review

August is flying by. Its the middle of the month already and time for me to look again at my goals for August and see how I am going with them. I am glad I made good progress early on cause to be honest I have't accomplished much this last week.

Always good to start with what I have done. I have completed 4 of them - I have caught up on the club's mystery quilt, made a bag holder for Fangirl (but left it behind on this trip so can't give it to her when I see her Wednesday. She is coming home for the weekend a few days later so I can give it to her then). I have also finished baby quilts for my friend Soley and my great nephew Damian. And I have made 3 hanging towels with crocheted hangers for Handmade With Love. That is 5 goals completed. 

I have also pinned another baby quilt - the one for Payton so that is another goals started.

I haven't quilted "My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes" and I haven't done any more work on the quilt for my great nephew who is due in 19 weeks.

This last week I have achieved a few other things though.

I was counted in the Australian census - on time and all. We did a paper census and handed it in at the caravan park where we were staying and totally avoided the debacle of the Australian online census website which went off line due to interference by hackers.

I have travelled to Sydney and caught up with my 93 year old mum (94 next month) and all 7 of my siblings and their spouses. 

I got some wonderful cuddles from a great niece and nephew with whom I have had very few chances to interact with before (I am now the balloon aunty apparently cause I helped them with their balloons at the party we were all at)

I have delivered a couple of quilts - one to my sister for her 70th birthday and another to a sister to be given to her grand daughter, my newest great niece (my mum has 23 great grand children with another due in 19 weeks)

And I can confess it here... I have caught some Pokemon and made it to level 13. (One of my sister's was totally bemused when I said I played it. She asked if many women my age played it and I said I knew a few)

I have read a couple of books and made one and a half scarves (crocheted). And I have managed to spell crocheted correctly before spell check has told me I am wrong every time in this post. I want to spell it crotcheted! I am just weird like that

partially completed
not yet done

  • Work on Jenni's baby quilt
  • Quit Payton's baby quilt - pinned
  • make bag holder 
  • catch up on club's mystery quilt
  • make items for HML
  • finish quilt Soley's baby 
  • finish Damien's baby quilt 
  • Quilt My Cat Likes to Hide


  1. The Pokemon-thing made me smile. Congratulations! :) I don't play it mainly because I have a low-tech gadget. All my officemates do play it, though, save for the liaison/messenger.

    1. its kind of my dirty little secret although really there is no reason to be embarrassed by it but I am a little. I'm level 20 now

    2. its kind of my dirty little secret although really there is no reason to be embarrassed by it but I am a little. I'm level 20 now