Monday, September 5, 2016


Its been a long time since I blogged. I have totally fallen off the wagon as far as blogging and sewing. I have been so busy coming and going and when I have been home I have been hit by waves of fatigue and just not been up to doing anything. When I do feel like getting out of bed and doing more than going through the motions... I haven't been motivated to sew. Sigh. 

I had a wonderful shopping trip with a friend whilst staying on the Gold Coast a few weeks ago. Fellow Twilter Jodie picked me up from the motel and we had a marvellous few hours visiting various quilting and fabric shops on the coast. It really was fun. Thank you Jodie. 

My Lovely guide, hostess, chauffeur Jodie

And now for the loot!

The first two lots were basically just stash enhancement. I loved the bright tone on tones and so grabbed them whilst they were on a good price. And the patters - I just loved them so got them

I got these fabrics to use in the Twilter swap block quilt recently put together. The blocks were birds in the air and I thought I might use some of these in the border and backing... I probably won't use all of them but still... we will see

Having collected all things bicycle for a year I couldn't resist these fabrics even though the bike quilt is done! I might make some kitchen items out of them for gifts or to sell on the Handmade with Love stall.... pot mits, bag holders or the like

I went a bit overboard but the last place we went was having a massive sale and I just lost my head a bit. But basically I feel I bought stuff that I know I will use. The fatigue that hit again after we got home last Wednesday night has prevented me from even putting the fabric away. I got it out to photograph and its still all over the floor.

My wonderful Fixit Guy has been looking after me whilst I have been so flat. I am a very blessed woman.

I am hoping that I will manage to get some sewing done tomorrow. I am sure that sewing will make me feel better and restore my energy.

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