Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September Goals

This fatigue that has hit me, sapping me of energy and motivation has been such that I haven't even thought about my monthly goals or how I went last month. Guess I really should have a gander at what I thought I was going to do last month and try to think of what to do this month.

My August goals were

  • Work on Jenni's baby quilt - no I don't think I did anything more with this (can't recall)
  • Quilt Payton's baby quilt - pinned but not quilted still that was a start.
  • make bag holder DONE I got this done for Fangirl as requested and I even used Tardis fabric so should score well on favourite mummy stakes.
  • catch up on club's mystery quilt DONE - now the next clue is out so I will work on that at Patchwork this week.
  • make items for HML I made quite a few hanging towels as we drove in the car - not sewn but quilted. Still... I made them. I even have sold 4 of them to my oldest sister.
  • finish quilt Soley's baby DONE and posted off to her as well
  • finish Damien's baby quilt DONE and posted off to him.
  • Quilt My Cat Likes to Hide in boxes.... nope not done.
So for the month that is only 2 not done at all and one partially completed so that isn't too bad I guess.

The way I am feeling right now I am not sure I will accomplish anything this month however I shall aim high and see how I get on.
  • add the fabrics purchased on the Gold Coast to my stash spreadsheet and put the fabric away. (currently its spread all over my sewing room floor)
  • finish the Repeat wall hanging
  • do last step in the club Mystery quilt (step 6)
  • prep projects to take travelling with us in October (hand and machine) I am mainly thinking of small things to make for the HWL stall in November and thinking of stuff from the Pokemon and other licensed fabrics - pot holders,plastic bag holders, small zipper purses and pouches etc.
  • Finish Payton's quilt
  • work on Jenni's baby quilt
  • work on Birds in the Air Twilter quilt
  • make things for HWL
  • keep up to date on my blog
Mostly I just want to get in and do something. I am so over feeling wan and washed out.


  1. Sorry to learn you don't seem to be feeling okay. I hope you recover soon enough so you can create all those nice stuff again. I haven't been around your blog much, but I've seen the kind of work you do. Kinda jealous I'm not like you, but, oh well, those who can't, they appreciate :)

    1. we all have different talents. There are plenty of things that others can do that I am not good at. And we all have different interests too. Thankyou for your good wishes. I managed some sewing yesterday and the day before - still have periods of exhaustion but I am hoping that I am recovering