Friday, September 9, 2016

Finish it Friday

I have had 2 finishes this week. I am so pleased. I have been travelling a lot and so busy when home and then the fatigue that has hit me (we think its a hangover from the Barmah Forrest virus I had in 2013) I just haven't had the energy to sew and it has been frustrating lying in bed or sitting in the chair planning what I would like to make with the stuff I have purchased but not having the oomph to get up and do it.

My finishes this week have been a little top to go with a pair of leggings someone else made for the Handmade With Love stall. There were 3 pairs of pants or trousers (in size 2) that had been made and Peggy, our coordinator decided that they would be more saleable if they had tops to go with them. We chose coordinating fabric and then she told me that I could do the top for the navy leggings and she would take care of the little pink shorts. The trouble is... I haven't sewn clothes for many years AND when I did it was stretch fabric. The last time I made something from an ordinary dress pattern was in high school. So......

The pattern was Burda Start. My friend Lindi was a great help in cutting it out. Looking at it I can see all these faults with it but its still pretty cute 

especially when put with the leggings.

My other finish was a baby quilt. I started it back in June. I had 4 baby quilts to make (and then before I got them all done found I actually needed to make a 5th). I used the Missouri Star Sparkle pattern. I altered it a bit for each quilt - mostly in what width (if any) sashing and borders I put in. 

This one (which I called Twinkle Twinkle) was for the granddaughter of a friend. She was actually born last year and so is now 15 months old. However the family were in the process of moving from the USA to Australia and the grandma said to hold off till they got here. They actually didn't arrive till a few months ago so I finally needed to get on with it and make the now almost toddler her quilt. 

I realise that the white background wasn't the best choice for a child's quilt but it showed off the stars the best and its machine washable.

When I dropped it off the baby herself was having a morning nap but her 4 year old brother was there and he really enjoyed it - finding and naming the animals in the centres of the stars.

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  1. Well done, making that little top after so many years away from dressmaking. My reaction would be the same!Your baby quilt is lovely, and it looks like the I-spy stars will be a big hit.

    1. thank you. yes the quilt was a hit. I am waiting for a photo of the baby with the quilt. I must admit that I am wondering if she will get the quilt because the big brother was so taken with it

  2. I've thinking of you a lot and hoping you feel better. My knee surgery is Monday, so then I'll do the laying around, and maybe you can see!

    Your little top is fine. I made one for myself after years of being away, and it felt very odd. I prefer flat quilts!

    1. Thank you. I am hoping that I am regaining some oomph. I have been quilting another one tonight and hope that I will get it finished tomorrow. All the best with your surgery. Have you got some hand projects ... or at least some fun things to read or watch of tv? Heal fast

  3. Yay! great finishes. Clothes are hard, but you did a great job. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!