Monday, September 12, 2016

Midmonth Goal review

I was late getting my monthly goals up so it isn't that long ago but it is almost the middle of the month so good to review my progress

  • keep up to date with blog I am actually doing well with this. Since I got back into the groove I have blogged my regular posts plus a number of extra ones. I am probably driving people on Twilter page (where I post links to each update) and Twitter nuts. Never mind.
  • work on Birds in the Air Twilter quilt  I've put the borders on the top but I'm not happy with the look. I think they are too wide. I'll trim them down and see what that looks like

  • prep projects for travel I have started this, cutting out towel hangers from some of the licenseced fabrics and also some bags

  • Finish Repeat wall hanging. I have printed out the pattern for the 2 e's I needed to redo but that is as far as I have gotten to date

  • put recently purchased fabric away and update stash spreadsheet. The fabric has all been added to the spreadsheet but I haven't put it away as yet. I am using a lot of it in the projects that I am prepping to do - that is my excuse. It isn't spread all over the floor any more so that is a start

  • Work on Jenni's baby quilt. I have cut the backing fabric for it. I am going to have to decide if I am going to pin it and quit it at home or do it on the quilting machine.
  • Quilt Peyton's baby quilt - I have completed this and it has been delivered to her. Still waiting on a photo of her on the quilt

  • catch up on club's mystery quilt - I had planned to do this at Patchwork last week but didn't end up going. This week hopefully.

  • make items for HML. I have started to cut out projects (see prep projects for travel) and completed one bag

  • Quilt My Cat Likes to Hide.  Completed. Photographed and up on the blog here

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