Sunday, September 25, 2016

September Goal Report and Setting October Monthly Goals

We are still 5 days out from the end of the month but things are going to get very hectic between now and then. We leave to go on a 5 week break on Thursday, Boyo (our youngest son) is home from a university in Brisbane for the week and we have a few things on so I thought I might grab a bit of time right now to finish September off and be ready for October.

I was late putting my September goals up  (they went up on the 6th) and I was pretty ambitious with what I planned to do but I am delighted to be able to say that I can count each one as successfully completed. Oops - no there is one that isn't fully completed Sigh -its half done which is pretty good though.
My goals are high lighted in red.
  • Update stash spreadsheet with fabric purchased at Gold Coast (done) and put the fabric away (not done as I have been pulling fabric from it to cut projects for whilst we are away. Also I am slack)
  • Keep Blog up to date - I have blogged a  Sunday Stash report each week and a Wip Wednesday too all month and have also had a few extras . I haven't done a Fitness Friday for a long time... mostly cause they would have to be un Fitness Friday. I have been trying to get my 10 000 steps each day now for a couple of weeks so perhaps I should start updating that. My weight has crept up again and I have been trying to hammer that down so maybe restarting Fitness Friday will help.
  • Prep projects for travel. I have a pile of hanging towels prepped and packed. I have also cut out things for some zipper bags and pot holders but I want to do a pile more so better keep going with that. I have also started to cut the fabric for 25 zipper pouches that have been ordered for HWL 
  • Finish Repeat Wall Hanging. This is done and hanging on the wall of our Patchwork room.
  • Work on Birds of the Air Twilter quilt. This is completed.
  • Jenni's baby quilt - Bessie's Stars - Done
  • Catch up on club mystery quilt. All the blocks are made and I am currently working on my own design for putting the pieces together
  • Make items for Handmade With Love* - I completed 2 zipper purses and all the projects that I have prepped to take with me are for HWL. I also helped one of our sewing ladies make a little round zipper pouch.
  • Quilt Peyton's baby quilt - Done
  • Quilt "My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes" Done.

So that is a pretty good go I reckon. I was thrilled to get 4 quilts, a wall hanging and 2 zipper bags completed this month. That is pretty good going!

Now to work out what I am going to do this next month. We will be travelling for the whole time - well at least away from home. We hope to do some free camping and that means no power for my sewing machine so I am going to need some hand projects. I am still working on that. Maybe an applique project and some crochet.

The other things I have bubbling away which I want to at least dabble in  

  • Work on Doily quilt. I need to put the pieces I have cut up on the design wall and decide on the sashing and corner stones and get these cut.
  • Work on String Quilt. I have the foundation fabric cut. I need to decide on the background fabric and also string pieces.
  • Work out the design for club Mystery quilt and start to piece. Make extra blocks requred
  • Decide on a design for Suzu's quilt.(She is the daughter of our 2004 host son from Japan. I get to claim her as a grandchild since he calls me Mum).I am tossing up between a pattern I have bought or an applique quilt with Australian animals. The applique one would give me a hand project whilst we travel..... 
  • work on projects for HML. I have a neat pile of things cut and ready to take away with me. I might get to add to it before we go.
  • work on hand projects. Crochet towels or perhaps applique
  • Work on the 4 Christmas Stockings I have been commissioned to make for HWL (they are for my sister but the money is going to Handmade With Love)
  • make 25 simple zipper pouches - a commission for HWL
That will well and truly keep me busy for October. Have you chosen some projects to work on for this coming month?

*Handmade With Love or HWL is a sewing group that I am part of. We sew things to sell to raise money for Our Rainbow House, (ORH) a school in Chainda, Zambia for the poorest children in a settlement. The charity was started by a local woman from my hometown and is run from here. My husband, Fixit Guy, helps with the financial side of things 


  1. I have to organize my goals but o have 2 weeks on the road to meet a new grand baby. I am planning to finish quilting 3 quilts. I have one bom to do and one block exchange to do ..knitting while away from home.

    1. going away can work 2 ways - you can lose time to work or being away from normal responsibilities can mean you have more time. I hope you get the time you need to work on what you want to get done

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  3. Monthly goals are good. It keeps things fresh in your mind.

    1. so agree. It helps me keep track of what I need to do and what I have got done. I shall have to check into adding the linky thing to my blog again. I had it for something a few years ago but then gave up on it... might have to get it again.