Friday, October 13, 2017


We travelled recently to 6 different countries:- Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and the UK. ((I won't count Dubai as we just transited through there)

We saw a huge range of buildings - from those different cultures plus covering a range of ages from ancient castles to ultra modern buildings. This is just a taste of the ones that stood out to me - and I was in a position to take a photo of.


Tokyo Tower, Japan

The roof of a museum in Tokyo

Wacoal Kojimachi buidling (or the Cyberman building according the Fixit Guy)

Asahi Brewing company building Tokyo. Its built to represent a foaming mug of beer. Beside it is the beer hall with what is supposed to be a golden flame but has become known to locals as The Golden Turd

Czech Republic 

The roof of the main train station in Prague - it had a beautiful dome with these paintings and statues all around it.

Underground tunnels in the Terzin Fort. Built originally for defence - with moats that could be flooded when attacked. It was never attacked (methods of warfare changed) but served instead as a prison. During the 2nd World War, after Czechoslovakia (as it was then known was invaded by the Nazis, it was used to house political prisoners.

Cobbled streets of Litomorice

Road underpass, Prague


Originally a house, this building has been remodelled into a hotel. Whilst at university studying archietecture our hosts had both worked on the design of the hotel

Dome on the roof of a tower, built in medieval times

Wasserschloss (Water Manor house) was a mill at its earliest times which grew into the Manor house it is today over time. It is still occupied by descendants of the  family who have owned it for centuries. The title has been lost as the last Duke died leaving only daughters. Part of it was open for inspection

The tower at Wasserschloss. The wrought iron stair case is a later addition. Access was formall via a ladder to the small door almost half way up. Once inside the ladder could be drawn up leaving those inside safe from invaders (for as long as the food held out) It is said to have been the inspiration for Grimm's story of Rapunzel.

Hiedelberg's Holy Spirit Cathedral , famous for having existed for centuries as a divided church, with the Catholics in one portion and the Lutherans in the other. (dates in part from the 1300s)


Hermitage Museum Amsterdam. The contents of the museum were spectacular but I was captivated by these windows on the side of the museum


Store house Fredricstad Fort


Mini lighthouse at the mouth of a canal from the sea to a loch

Covesea lighthouse designed by a member of the Stephenson family (Robert Louis Stephenson's uncle) 

Decommissioned Church Glasgow, now 12 flats

 Interior of St Giles Cathedral Edinburgh

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