Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Texture and Form: Shadows and Staircases

I am not sure if shadows are really texture but they do make for visual texture and that will do me. Perhaps they are more form. 

On our recent trip I became fascinated by stair cases. Australia is a young country and also a big one. Space is not really a problem, certainly it wasn't when our country was formed and so our houses went out more than up. I loved visiting places in Europe which had the extended stair cases - yes even when it was our hotel and we were on the 3rd floor and there was no lift. 

I also became fascinated by shadows. This might have been because we appreciated it when we got days with lots of sunshine in them. We were blessed by the weather on our trip but not all days were sunny. Just because it wasn't pelting down rain it didn't mean it was sunny. I really appreciated the sunny days and the shadows they bought.

this is my favourite shadow picture. The staircase on the outside of the round Water Castle Tower in Bavaria (purported to be the inspiration behind the story of Rapunzel as the Grimm Brothers were guests here at one time). I love the shadows the ironwork steps cast.

The shutters at the Water Castle aslo cast beautiful shadows

Somehow our shadows are quite as beautiful or intricate as the other ones

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