Future Projects

Theme Quilts
Bike Quilt - fabric purchased - pattern Intersection or T quilt Front and back completed
Cat Quilt - fabric purchased and cut - pattern chosen -Dashes and Diamonds
UK fabric/Tea Towel quilt - fabric collected, pattern not chosen
Tea Towels - ones from Mum Core's and old ones of ours
Illusion Quilt

Truck for Stan
Very Hungry Caterpillar - for Megan's baby
Quilters/Women's occupations
Hot Air balloons
Praying Hands- Lord's Prayer - for Avalon
Nativity Scene - for Avalon or church
Last Supper scene - for Avalon or church

Mum's embroideries - 45 teddy bears, 8 other embroideries
6 large cross stitch pictures
4 small cross stitches
5 large embroideries
1 tapestry (dog)

Orphan Blocks
maroon and cream hst blocks  made into casserole carrier
string blocks - red, cream
4 patches
2 patches
piano key strips
year quilt strips
green strips
various other blocks
HST - various sizes

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