Friday, June 26, 2015

Fitness Friday

I have been trying to get more exercise this week but so far it hasn't been working. A couple of weeks ago I decided that the key to getting myself motivated to get back in shape was to go to bed earlier. Staying up late means I don't get up early in the morning, I get tired during the day. When I get tired I am more inclined to snack and less inclined to go for a walk

Trouble is I am on a quilting jag at the moment. I am really motivated to sew and make quilts and I really seem to get a go on in the evening and so sew late into the night. I will think... I'll just finish this row or this lot of blocks ... this next step and it inevitably takes me longer than I plan... often cause I will make a mistake and have to unpick and low and behold its late again. Sigh.

My Fitbit is also playing up. It isn't syncing with my phone. My phone tries valiantly to find it but no go. This has been happening for ages now.. for my fellow fitbitters... when I fell off the charts... that is why. I have been exercising... at least a bit but not according to fitbit. I need to plug it into the computer and see if that helps ... or at least go to the Fitbit site and see what is recommended. Maybe I have to wipe it and start again. I don't know. Fixit Guy's fitbit fell between the train and the platform whilst we were in Malaysia and not having him to compete against had already weakened my resolve and now it has gone completely. I did download a pedometer to my phone but that is no where near as good as the fitbit... just doesn't compare in the inspiration category.

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of my unfit life.

I was trying to watch what I ate... and was doing ok until I made banana muffins (2 different sorts... they were both good) I made these ones twice cause they were so good... and I had the ingredients Banana, Honey and Cinnamon Muffins.  and then banana bread. It was good too. (yes I had over ripe bananas that had to be used up) Sigh. They are all gone so might now be good for a bit. I can't find the banana bread recipe I used again but I remember thinking that it was almost the same as the muffins just cooked in a loaf tin

I have managed to chip away a bit of weight (despite the muffins) ... lost a kg in the last 2 weeks. 94.1kgs this morning. 

There is an exercise class for older women operating one day a week in town. Its free and I am thinking of going to it. Its Friday mornings but ... maybe I will just rejoin the gym and start to work out properly. 9.30-10.30 on a Friday morning isn't all that great for me. I really need to get up and do something at 7AM or 8 AM.

I am off to the pathology lab later this morning to have blood taken ... vitamin D check. I was chronically low - under 20 in summer so my doctor but me on Vitamin D tablets and regularly monitors it. At one point I was taking 4 times the recommended dose but now I am on double the dose and my levels are 60. If they are still at that after this test I will drop back to normal tablet dosage and see how we go with that.

I also have to make appointments to see a skin specialist re a lesion on my face, get an ultra sound on a lump on my shoulder and... I think that is it. I want to make a massage appointment too. My back has been aching a fair bit of late. The heat packs are getting a workout.

Man what a whinger. I am cracking up. This getting older is for weaklings.

Now, having not gone to the exercise group this morning and having eaten the last of the banana bread I might try to get moving with some sewing.

Hope you are all having a good day 

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  1. The FitBit site recommends restarting your FitBit, which you do by holding down the button (while it is plugged in to your computer) until it restarts. That has always worked for me. Of course, since I'm so late with this, you probably know this already.