Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Today was a tough day It was the funeral for our friend Steve. He was only 50, husband of my dear friend A, father of 4 adult children, grandfather to 2 munchkins. He was a much loved son, brother, brother-law, uncle, friend and work colleague

It was a long service because there were 6 eulogies/tributes. They were all well done, a mixture of humour, pathos coming from family - daughter, brother, sister and sister-in-law, an old school friend and a work mate. It was great to get such an all round picture of this bloke who was universally loved and respected.

At the moment our congregation is without a minister and my husband was asked to take care of getting the church ready for the funeral. This was a pretty mammoth undertaking as it was expected to be a huge funeral (and it lived up to expectations) We borrowed chairs from the catholic church and also from the Neighbourhood Centre. These had to be picked up and set out... as well as every chair and pew in the church and manse. FG also had to work on the speaker system. We had to set these up so the people outside could here what was going on inside. We were up at the church not long after 9 getting things organised. The service wasn't till 11 and then it went for almost an hour and a half. Afterwards we didn't get to the grave as we had to pack up the church - just getting it to a lock up stage meant that we were going to be too late for the grave side service which made me rather sad. We did go to the gathering afterwards and that was a chance to talk to various old friends and family.

It was 3 by the time I got home and FG wasn't home till after 4.30 as he and a friend returned the chairs to where they had been borrowed from. 

I didn't make the day any easier for myself by staying up very late last night finishing a project (that I kept stuffing up because it was late and I was tired. Then I stayed up even later to write my blog post. Yeah so I started a really hard day on limited sleep.

Now I am trying to get organised to go away for the weekend. I have managed to lose all my enthusiasm. I am not as organised as I would like to be... I got the mystery quilt prep done and I have other projects paced up to take... but I haven't made the blocks for the swaps or exchanges that I would have liked to have done and I don't have an outfit for our special themed dinner. To be honest I can't even remember what the theme for the dinner is. I know that part of the theme for the weekend is the Centenary of Anzac. We have incorporated the Make do and Mend theme of the war in as well...  I have found something for the gift exchange. I just got swamped at the end.

Anyway - I will report back on my progress after the weekend

And cause I don't have a photo for this here are my bougainvilleas. I have never had them put on a display like this

And then we need a couple of cat pictures just because.

FG lay down for an afternoon snooze. I joined him and then the 2 cats moved in as well. Tibbs (B&W cat) is giving Pippin the evil eye. Pippin is studiously ignoring him

and in case you missed it, here it is again.

I reckon Mr Tibbs looks like he went on a Buck's night and someone shaved off half his moustache


  1. You've had a tough week. Hope you can relax and unwind at your retreat, and enjoy seeing your friend. ((( )))

  2. Sorry about all of your challenges. You deserve a nice break. I hope you get it.