Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Hey Guys

Been off the radar for a while now. We are currently on holidays visiting my husband's brothers who live on cattle stations (ranches for you American readers) in North Queensland. We had a week with one bil during which time we helped get ready for my niece's 21st birthday which we had on Saturday. Since then we helped clean up and then moved over here to the other bil's place. They have wifi so I have been able to link my computer up hence being able to post this (I couldn't do that at the other property as they don't have wifi and I couldn't remember my password to access it on the net... big oops)

Internet download here though is limited and slow and I don't want to burn it up too much so won't be on here too much.

Just a bit of an update.

I have done some sewing. I got the bias binding on some bibs (5 ) and also on some aprons (again about 5) I had sewn the bibs before we left home and the aprons were all cut out and ready to go. They are a super simple design - apron shaped (the kind with a bib) They have a pocket on the top part (top edge finished with bias, the rest just folded over and stitched down) There was another pocket along the hem line. Again the top of the pocket was finished with bias. Then a piece of bias was stitched from where the ties start  down the sides, all around the bottom of the apron (securing the pocket sides and bottom) and back up to the tie on the other side. The top of the bib was finished with bias. Then another piece of bias was stitched from where the other finished (with enough tail to be the tie) up to the top of the apron then a loop big enough for the head to go through was left (well bias sides sewn together) then stitched down the other side to where the ties start and then a tail long enough to tie was left (again stitched down into ties) Reall easy. I used purchased bias but am trying to learn how to make my own to be able to make them more ecconomically and also be able to use a variety of fabrics.

Aart from that my sewing has been hand stitching hexies. I have made a couple of hundred these holidays... up to 1031 done... whoo hoo. That's 2/3s of the way through it.

Hope to get my sewing machine set up and more sewing done whilst I am  here. I have a cute pattern for Bandana bibs I'd like to try and also make some more bibs using some Christmas fabric I bought in Machay. But we will see how I go.

My Sister in Law has hurt her shoulder and torn ligaments holding her scapula down. She has very limited use of her right arm at the moment so I'm her right hand man this week... literally!! She hurt herself 10 days ago so its not a fresh injury that I caused (in case you were wondering)

This morning as well as laundry duties I've made a double batch of biscuits using a recipe my other sister in law's mother Gail gave me. They look pretty good although not quite as good as her's. Next up I am going to make my dad's rock cakes. Usually my husband Fixit Guy makes them but they have him busy mending other things (living up to his name) so its my turn. First have to locate the recipe... stay tuned.

Hope you have all had a great week. If I manage to get the photos to up load I will add some to this post but will get this up now and see if I get back to edit it.

Hope you are all having a sucessful sewing week

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