Saturday, October 3, 2015

September Goal Review and October goals

Here it is the 3rd day of september and I am yet to do my review of last months goals or put up some for October. 


lets kick off with September Goals

POD Quilt

  •  POD block 10
  • POD block 30 

These are both completed and I have got the 30 weekly 

blocks sewn together into 6 strips and have pulled the papers 

off 3 strips

However I haven't done any of the extra blocks...

  • POD photo frame block
  • POD flying key block
  • POD Sword of Griffindor
  • POD block Dobby
  • POD Nimbus broomstick

Raggy Hearts Quilt
  • Make extra Raggy Hearts- DONE
  • Complete Raggy Hearts quilt

I got the Raggy Hearts quilt completed and sent off to my 

friend Linda who is currently undergoing treatment for 

breast cancer

  • Complete Pink Pizzazz 

This quilt involved putting together blocks made by our quilt

 group. It is done now and is to be given to a group 

fundraising for breast cancer

  • Complete Going Green quilt

This quilt was completed and sent off to a friend who has recently

 undergone surgery and had a number of complications and so had

 a longer than expected recovery. Its now on her bed.

  • Make 30 Hashtag blocks for Twilters Swap 
The Twilters on Facebook are having a block swap using the

 wonky hashtag block (or pound sign as it was called by Amy

 Gibson) I have completed mine... made 33 but 3 of them were

 stuffed up so I kept them and sent the other 30 off. Well actually

 Lindy has them to send off for me. She will keep one of mine and

 will send 2 of mine and 2 of hers to the other Aussie Twilters and

 send the rest overseas for the group swap.

  • work on Christmas Project
Nope - nothing attempted
  • finish one UFO

Nope nothing worked on
  • make 100 hexagons for quilt -
I made over 170 of these so well and truly hit the target

  • mend 2006 hexagon quilt
I have mended the seams that had actually come undone but a lot of 
seams are under threat

  • complete last of Amy Gibson BOM blocks
Deliberately didn't work on this as I figured it was an easy project

 to take away with us when we go travelling this month

October Goals
  • Complete Amy Gibson Blocks  then sew blocks together
  • 200 hexagons for quilt
  • remove paper from POD blocks
  • Christmas project
  • Christmas UFO
  • Finish baby bibs for Handmade Love
  • Make zipper pouches for Handmade Love Stall
  • Finish the children's aprons for Handmade love
I am not putting down any of the POD blocks this month even

 though I would love to work on them because I am very busy the

 next few days and then on Friday we are going away for 3 weeks. I

 can take sewing with me but with the POD blocks I feel I need

 access to all my fabric to sew the blocks and I won't have this

 whilst we are travelling. We will be visiting family but I still hope

 to be able to sew. We are undecided yet as to whether we are

 taking our camper trailer or will stay in the house with family and

 motels at other times.

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