Sunday, October 11, 2015

Stash Report

Despite the fact that I haven't done a stash report for a couple of weeks I have only 2 tiny finishes to report and even those are only the backs. I have managed to get 2 bibs for Handmade Love completed but the fronts of the quilt were supplied by HML so I can only count the backing... a measly 21.5cm square for each. I haven't done a whole lot of sewing at all over the last few weeks. 

Life has gotten in the way.I have finished off a banner (or did I talk about that last report... yeah I think I might have) but the front and back of it were donated so I only got to count the binding and the hanger. I had hoped to get stuck into the POD quilt but I haven't ... I realised that I needed to choose the background fabric for the "Wall" behind the quilt if I wanted to make the extra stuff to go around the bookshelf. I couldn't use the same stuff as I'd used for the background of the bookshelf. I wasn't sure I'd have enough for a start and I really thought that it should be different fabric. So put that on hold till I got to a shop. I do have local quilt shops but didn't really feel like spending $28m that is the usual shelf price. They do have sales and have some fabric that is less expensive but I couldn't be sure that they would have something suitable. I wanted to have a choice.

I have finished off my blocks for the Twilters Swap. We made the wonky hashtag.. or pound signs. I ended up making about 33 but 3 of them were too small to be used so ended up swapping 30. I will use my small ones on the back of the quilt. They will be mine. I can't count them till I get them all back and make up the quilt. 

I had thought about packing up the POD blocks and bringing them with me on our holiday but finding all the fabric that I would need for the paper piecing was going to be way too challenging. So left them all at home. .I had meant to pack my Amy Gibson blocks to finish off and then put together but that was forgotten too. Oops. And then I thought about bringing stuff to make zipper bags for HML but... uh... needed to choose the fabrics and then make sure I bought enough wadding etc so skipped them too.

Instead I have packed my Hexie project. I've bought all my cut and pinned squares, plus all the extra hexies I had cut out ready to pin, extra fabric to cut (all my 3.5" strips) extra hexies printed out to cut and all my premade hexies.. I am going to knock out so many hexies this trip. (lots of time in the car, lots of evenings sitting chatting to the family) I've done over 100 in 2 days so far. 

I'm storing the finishes hexies in this container I bought years ago but have never had a use for. Its perfect. I'm sorting them into colours. Originally I was going to sew them into flowers and have 17 such flowers made. But now I am not sure if I am going to continue with that design. My current plan is to stitch all the fabric I have cut into hexies and to keep cutting up my 3.5" strips into squares and stitching those. When I have about 1500 I will work out what I am going to do. Since doing the Joen Wolfrom colour workshop I am wondering if I can do an interesting design using some of her concepts... and the coloured hexies I have. I'm not sure. Just madly stitching hexies for the moment'

I've also packed a Christmas project. Its a panel and some extra fabrics... not sure what I am going to do with it but will have 2 weeks to work on it so hopefully will get some way with it.

I did  have some time in a fabric shop yesterday. I've bought 2 metres of background fabric for my POD quilt and 5 fat quarters of funky Christmas fabric... well 2 of them are christmas fabric and 3 are co-ordinating plains. I hope to make some great baby bibs for our Christmas stall for Handmade Love. They should appeal to the younger mums out there.

So... That is a total of 3.34 metres in and only .09 of a metre out... not good figures. That's the first negative I've had this year I think... or almost anyway. Can't whine too much. If I get POD finished this year it will be a big outage

Week 41

          Fabric Used                      0.09    
          Fabric Added                    3.34

Year To Date
         Fabric Used                    135.28
         Fabric Added                    56.15        

Net Used/Added                       79.15

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  1. Love your hexes. They make such a pretty display by themselves that you never really need to make a quilt from them...

  2. Have you posted a picture of the 17 finished hexy flowers? Bet they look cool

  3. Have you posted a picture of the 17 finished hexy flowers? Bet they look cool