Friday, March 3, 2017

Fitness Friday

Its been a bit of a mixed bag for me this week. My weight has gone up a little bit... probably due to a party last night which meant I ate lots of yummy cheese and chips and nibbles. I was 96.9 this morning.

I've managed to ride most days this last week. On Saturday Fixit Guy and I rode for 30 kms - doing our regular route twice. We did think about doing a different route but ... nah. This one was good. 

We didn't ride at all on Sunday- we enjoyed a bit of a sleep in and then we had commitments at church and of course the dog has to have his evening walk - and the afternoons are still too hot to be too energetic. (the temperatures are not longer heat wave but our maximums are still 35-37C)

I rode every other day between 16-18kms apart from Wednesday. I'd had a bad night so wasn't feeling like getting up and riding. We won't ride tomorrow as we have a 60th birthday lunch to attend in a place that is 265kms away. We will leave early enough for me to be able to go to Spotlight whilst we are in town so no rides!

As well as my morning ride I have tried to ride my bike around town to other commitments where I can - the dentist, to teach Religion, to Handmade With Love. I couldn't ride to Patchwork on Wednesday as I had to take my machine and sewing supplies etc. We could ride at night to things too but haven't so far. We do have lights on the bike but the streets here aren't too well lit and so you can't pick out the potholes and rough spots too easily.

My Fitbit went flat again this week. So my stats are a bit up the creek so I won't worry about reporting them here.

At the park where we often walk there is a windmill which pumps water into a small dam. Recently we have seen this sulphur crested cockatoo drinking for the pipe - obviously likes the water fresh and untainted by anything.

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