Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Its a wild and wet Wednesday in in Central Queensland. Yesterday at lunchtime a category 4 cyclone named "Debbie" crossed the coast a little south of Bowen. It was a not only a powerful cyclone but had a large "eye" and was slow moving so caused damage over a large area for a prolonged period.

Satellite image of Debbie tracking toward the coast

The shore at shute harbour

Since then it has weakened and become a rain depression as it has moved over the inland. Where we live we have been experiencing rain since last night. Its been raining pretty constantly but we haven't had much wind at all. 

Fixit Guy and I prepared just in case - putting away loose stuff from around the yard, tieing down the the trampoline and basically staying put inside. Our regular sewing day at the Club Rooms was a non starter as we all decided to stay home, out of the wet and off the roads

I got to sew at home all day - not as much fun and fellowship as sewing with my quilting friends - its always great to share ideas, get suggestions and see what others are working on - but it was very productive. I got 11 ear bud pouches made for the Comic Con Stall I am going to have in September.

I had so much fun making them, using up scraps of fabric.

I'm working with little bits of fabric but still had enough to fussy cut a little for cute effects.

I used up the last of some "Mighty Mouse" fabric that I was given really early on in my quilting life.

I managed to get Mike and Sully both the right way up but Meowth and Squirtle had to work it both ways.

I love the science geek fabric I bought. Formula and the periodic table. Not sure if the formulas make sense... should ask my science orientated family (3 of the 4 kids plus my husband all did chemistry and several did physics too... not me though. )

My favourite ones though were the Betty Boop pouches. I loved the way they turned out. I was especially delighted with the top left hand one. Isn't it special!

And the backs were just as gorgeous. I am not sure I am going to be able to part with all of them.

Its been a pretty busy week... not just with the threatening cyclone and ensuing wet weather but it was also my birthday on Monday. I had a lovely day with phone calls from all 4 of my kids and lots of loving attention from my husband. I got to spend the morning sewing away downstairs and finished off 4 Easy Cosmetics bags - all for the Comic Con stall. 

I'm reliably informed that I got the

We went out to dinner with friends on the night of my birthday and when we got home I sewed another small messenger bag... got to use up all the birthday productively. This one featured a combination of the two science fabrics - the formula and the period table. I haven't got a photo of it yet.

I am still waiting for the opportunity to load two quilts onto the long arm and get them quilted. I really want to get them done before I go away at the end of next week but it might not happen. With the current weather no one is going to want to go out

I have sorted through some scraps that I have been given - pressed them and trimmed them into useful units. I have anothe pile pressed but not yet trimmed and the basket I keep my scraps in is not yet empty sigh. Its an ongoing job.

So its been a busy productive week even though I have really advanced any of my works in progress!

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  1. Your earbud pouches are genius! The Betty Boop ones are my favorite too. So creative!
    ~T. McKee

  2. Pleased you survived the cyclone without any damage to your home and property. Saw on the news that things were very scary and the cyclone wrecked damage far and wide.
    Jenny from New Zealand

    1. yes we were delighted to not be unduly affected by the weather. Our 3 kids in Brisbane have had a few issues - lost power and my daughter's place was under flood threat but the rain stopped in time for the creek to take the water away before high tide so the creek didn't end up breaking its banks. We were 1000 kms away so could only wait and hope things were ok.

  3. Wow, some fantastic projects! I really like things that are functional and beautiful and geeky at the same time!! You did a great job with the fabric placement on those tiny projects! Happy to hear that the weather was not too devasting for you. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!