Friday, March 31, 2017

End of the Month Goal Wrap up

Its suddenly the end of the month and time to wrap up my goals. Its come as a bit of a shock. This past week has been a bit lost. I was actually thinking last week it was almost the end of the month and that I only had a week till I was heading to Brisbane and then I realised I had another week ... but suddenly it has gone, it really is the end of the month and I basically just lost this last week.

Well maybe not the whole week but some of it. Our area has been affected by Cyclone Debbie which has wreaked havoc along the coast of my state. Cyclones, like many weather events are somewhat unpredictable. It was originally predicted to be hitting the coast around Townsville or North of there but it gradually drifted South and eventually crossed the coast between Bowen and Proserpine. We have a lot of friends who live in areas badly affected so it was a worrying time. We have heard from all of them and they got away with minor damage. 

Anyway - the rain depression drifted over us, and we got some heavy rain for a day or so, but no where near as much as many other places so we have been thanking God that we were spared. It put out a lot of things - no one came to our sewing day on Wednesday (including me... I ducked up to grab some more needles as I had left my spares in the club rooms) and so I didn't get a couple of projects finished that I was going to work on in the club rooms. So I am a little behind in a couple of my projects for the month.

My monthly goals were 
Complete A to Z  quilt top and make backing. This was my  OMG goal. I got the top and backing completed and I was hoping to get it quilted as well but that will have to be pushed back a month as we are on the last day and I wasn't able to get anyone to help me load it onto the quilting frame. (all that rain... everyone was staying home).

Complete March clue for Charlotte's mystery quilt This was done! All the units for the quilt are now done and we await the revelation of the next clue which will tell us how to put it together.

Make 20 items for Comic Con stall I have met this goal well and truly.  I've made some Easy Cosmetic Purses, 2 large messenger bags and a small one,  Some teeny tiny zipper bags and a pile of ear bud pouches. That's a total of 45 items all up. That goal was SMASHED.

Complete my mystery project This is the one things that I haven't quite completed. I just have to sew on the binding but with no sewing at Patchwork this week I didn't get it done. Perhaps I could slip up there tonight and get it sewn on... otherwise I will do it tomorrow. I am determined.

Work on En Provence. I got this completed. I am not sure what I am going to do with it but its done and folded up ready to go to where ever I deem it needed.

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  1. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal. Sounds like you made your goal (which is good!) - any chance of a photo so we can see what a A to Z quilt looks like?

  2. You certainly had a very busy month. I look forward to seeing some pictures of all your hard work. :)