Saturday, April 1, 2017

A is for Abstraction

This month I'm participating in A to Z Challenge, where 100's of bloggers around the world challenge themselves to write every day for the month of April, working their way through the alphabet.  I'm sewing a patchwork block for each letter of the alphabet. Each day I will share that block and a little about the block and direct you to where you can find a tutorial for that block on the Web.

Welcome to the first day of the A to Z Bloggging Challenge for 2017. 

 Today's letter is A an the block's name is Abstraction.

This block is an original design by Marcia Hohn's from Quilter's Cache and can be found here

Whilst this block is labelled an original design, meaning that it isn't a recognized traditional block and was specifically designed by Marcia, it is made up from traditional units.

Its a combination of quarter square triangle units, of 2 sizes (larger one in the centre, smaller ones in the corners)

Image result for quarter square triangles

 and 4 Flying Geese Units, along each side.

Image result for flying geese units

I'm not very happy with the colour choices I made for this block. Its pretty bland and nothingish. (and the photo is really dodgey... but you get that )

When I started out on this project I had thought that I would make it a blue quilt. That idea lasted one block - this one and by the 2nd one I was yeah... nah. And its completely scrappy. 

That is by way of a warning.

Believe me... things are going to get wild and crazy.. or at least colourful.


  1. Thanks for dropping by at
    I was hoping my A might prompt a few confessions!
    I'm not a quilter... but my mum was and it's a skill I admire immensely. I have just moved to London from Australia and have the local craft group. We are currently working on a community art instalment for the forecourt of the British Museum. Some of it is stitched in patches ... but falls a long way short of what I'd call patchwork.

  2. I've been looking forward to seeing your different blocks - you've kept them very secret. :)

    Ros at Fangirl Stitches

  3. Interesting blog..Looking fwd for more....Launching SIM Organics Shortly

    *Menaka Bharathi*

  4. Wow! this is a useful post. I am always interested in a bit of art and crafts. Searching for new ways and trends in crafts is basically what I do when I spend hours on pinterest. I really liked your pattern on quilting. I can use of the abstract pattern in some painting or art projects too.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Best Wishes!

  5. I dont know much about quilting but read a book recently where the protagonist is a 50 plus lady who ends up playing sleuth for a murder mystery along with two of her close pals from a quilting club...

  6. Looks fab. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Lovely start to the #AtoZChallenge. Thanks for popping by mine. Hope to catch up again.

  7. Visiting from the Blogging A to Z challenge. Love your quilt block.