Friday, November 18, 2016

Fatness I mean Fitness Friday

I've been battling a summer cold this week. Aren't they horrid things? FG was away over the weekend and in my usual way when he isn't here I stayed up even later than usual but with the longer days I woke up even earlier. At first I thought my lethargy on Saturday was the result of not enough sleep/bad sleep pattern (I woke up early for a couple of hours and then went back to sleep and slept till 10.30). Sunday morning though I had a scratchy throat and some mucous which made leading song worship in church problematical at times. However it has progressed through the week... cough, sneezing, watery eyes etc and generally feeling out of sorts.

However the only day I didn't walk was Sunday so have mainly kept up my steps.

Eating has been a bit all over the place. Sunday we had a special Tongan service at our church in the early afternoon followed by a special feast. 

And the service itself... that was special. We understood very little of it (of course) but they were worshipping God and at times they did speak English for the benefit of their visitors (there were 7 of us). The singing was amazing. Unfortunately the film is too big for me to upload here. 

At the feast afterwards we visitors were sat at the special high table as special guests and they kept pressing the food onto us. Oh man can those Tongan's serve up an amazing amount of food. I ate well. I do enjoy trying food from other cultures and enjoyed trying the different dishes. Some of the others were a little more reticent but there was plenty of fruit and fresh seafood they could enjoy.

Despite that, and the cooking I have done during the week as well (jam drops for the stall tonight and scones for afternoon tea with the residents at the aged care home following our service there) I have managed to not put on any weight which is pleasing. This morning after breakfast even I weight 97.1kgs

My Fitbit steps for the week have been reasonable with only one day on which I didn't make my goal. I think I won't make it today either as I am not going to get my walk in today as I'll be at the craft fair from 6.30 and its too hot to walk much before 6 at the moment. By walking at 6 though we are getting lots of lovely sunsets on our way home

Friday         13 712
Saturday     10 302
Sunday         5 186
Monday       11 541
Tuesday       10 815
Wednesday  11 017
Thursday     11 594

Hope you are making good steps this week and meeting your own fitness goals.

PS Visitors to our back deck this week. The young one was learning to fly but having arrived on the raile was reluctant to take off again.


  1. That feast sounds like it was so much fun! Someday I'll come visit and you can take me to one. :-)

    1. would be delighted to. This sunday just gone we went to dinner to celebrate a young girl who was baptised in the morning. Her mum is from Kirribati - more food -it was so good