Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunday Stash Report... end of year wrap up

I didn't do a stash report last Sunday - I was a bit busy celebrating Christmas with my family!

Today I will do a final report on the last 2 weeks and then a yearly wrap up

I offered to make a Christmas stocking for my hairdresser. She had asked about me making one for her stepson for next year but I said I would try to get it done before Christmas and I managed it. .37m

I also managed to finish off the Amy Gibson BOM I have been working on for a couple of years. 6.21m

The back of the quilt was pieced using lots of orphan blocks. I have had fun working out where they came from. Some I recall well and some I have absolutely no idea. 


I forgot to add the Doctor Who fabric that I was sent by my daughter to make the messenger bag I made for my friend Suzy. As well as the .5m TARDIS fabric, which I used up in the messenger bag she sent me .5m Darlek fabric. 1.03m

For Christmas my youngest son gave some fabric - 3 .5m lengths of geeky themed fabric (Doctor Who, Star Wars and Batman) 1.54m

My stats for week 52 and 53

Fabric used        6.58
Fabric added      2.57
Net usage          4.01

Over the year I  have completed 8 large quilts and 7 smaller  quilts plus numerous smaller items. My spread sheet had 45 lines with completed item entries. So that is an additional 30 smaller item lines, many of which were multiple items (ie 5 potholders, 3 zipper purses etc) I tried to add it up but I kept getting mixed up but it was over 200 smaller items. I was very pleased with my progress. 

Comparing it to last year.

2015                                  2016        (diff)

Fabric used     147.47          172.99     25.52       
Fabric Added     76.70           83.76       7.06
Net usage         70.77           89.23     18.46

So this year I have added more fabric than in the previous year I used even more. So I am making inroads into my stash. I still have a good bit there and in 2018 I would like to use even more and stick to buying only what I need. 

This year I am considering sewing more things for the geek market and perhaps joining my daughter at some of the craft conventions that she goes to, particularly those aimed at the "geeks". To do that I am going to have to buy the specific geek fabric so perhaps my aim to buy less won't work, hopefully though I will make these into items fairly quickly so there will be a quick turn about.

How have you gone this year? Have you too made inroads into your stash or are you still accumulating. 

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  1. Great job on usage!! I love comparing my EOY stats. I've been keeping track of stash for three years -- starting my fourth -- and it's interesting to me to recognize that tracking stash has curbed my wild impulse to just buy fabric for the sake of it! LOL! :)

    1. its sure slowed me down. My husband says when I buy something "You will have to record that". He helped me set up my spreadsheet and fixes glitches in it so there is no hiding it

  2. Looks like a great end to the year and a great year overall. I wound up with less usage and more purchases than my best years, but still in the black, which is good! Hope you have a great year - love all the geeky fabrics - we have big Star Wars fans in our house!

    1. It was a pretty good year. I made more things but most of them were little things that take time but don't use anywhere near the fabric. The geeky fabric got a big input this week as I have bought a heap (8metres) to sew things for a stall I am planning at having at Comic Con mid year

  3. Speaking of geeky fabric, I made my 32yr old son a Marvel Comics Super Heroes stocking for Christmas and gave him a Spider-Man card. He loved both!

    1. fantastic! I made several geek inspired stockings this year too... ones for one son and 2 (almost) daughter in laws. Now to make my husband one as his stocking is pretty grotty... old and falling apart and not as nice as the ones I've made the rest of us