Monday, March 6, 2017

Smunday Stash Report...

I had an unexpected finish last week - it was an unexpected start the week before and a quick finish. I blogged about it here. I made a denim picnic blanket using cut up jeans as the backing and mostly flannels for the front. Its now rolled up in the back of my car to use for picnics etc. I don't have many of those but its there to be used as needed. I love how it turned out. It was completely pulled from my stash and measured 172cm square and used a total of 7.43m 

I had gathered up a heap of fabric scraps to stuff another dog pillow. I had too much and over stuffed the pillow so the dog kinda had to perch on it. 

I made another pillow and split the stuffing between them. I bought home yet more stuffing from Patchwork so made a 3rd dog pillow. This makes a total of 4 pillows for them and so I think that they are well covered for them. I will have to start to give the pillows away but may need to find more fabric to make the outer cover with. For the 4 I have made to date (3 this week and one a few weeks ago) I have used rubber backed curtaining. This makes a sturdy cover and the rubber back means that the doggy smell doesn't penetrate the inner stuffing as much (I hope) I have some more curtaining there to make a few more.

It hasn't been all profit this week. I had a trip to Spotlight yesterday. My main aim was to get some suitable border fabric for A to Z quilt.At first I couldn't find any alphabet fabric at all and ended up getting some with writing on it. 2.06m

It wasn't quite what I wanted and wasn't sure that I was really going to be able to use it. Then I found a metre of greyish black fabric with some letters on it and worked out that I put it as the first border then the second fabric would look fine. 1.03m

I also got some minky to back another quilt. 4.21m

 Spotlight also had a special on - 10 fat quarters for $25 (a very good price in Australia) and so... yeah I bought 10. 2.57m

I got all blender fabrics and tone on tones which will be very useful for the projects I have been working on. I do like it when its a straight profit week but am pretty happy with my purchases, most of which were needed to complete existing projects.

During the week I made the backing for one quilt,  I  put together another top and have started work on yet another. I now have 2 quilts that need to go on the long arm at Patchwork club and one that will be ready to go very soon (just have to sew the backing I bought yesterday together and it will be right to go) So... will have a few more BIG finishes very soon.

Week 9
Fabric used        12.93
Fabric added        9.86
Net usage            3.07m

Year to Date     
Fabric used       56.68
Fabric Added     21.60
Net Usage        37.08m

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  1. Your denim/flannel quilt is really pretty and very useful. I have made several that way too. My husband loves to use them because they are indestructible. The little puppy on your blanket is so cute. What kind is he? Lots of good purchases too.