Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May Goals check in

Its almost half way through May... time to check in on how I am going with my goals.

  • Blog regularly - WIP Wednesday, Fitness Friday and Sunday Stash Report for a start with Monday Musing/Tuesday Museday thrown in. Throwback Thursday... maybe but going to have to go to topics other than quilts.

This hasn't happened. Maybe I was a bit burnt out from blogging everyday in April. Going away for 10 days at the beginning of the month hasn't helped much either. I didn't have my lap top with me, just my iPad and I don't find that easy to blog with. My son, with whom I stayed did have a laptop but he was on it a fair bit. I did use it to put up my WIP Wednesday post but that was it. There has been nothing to report stash wise so no movement (nothing in nothing out basically) and my Fitness has been SOOO woeful who wants to talk about that.

  •  POD blocks. I got block 17 done before I went away but obviously couldn't do the one that came out the day after I left...

  • Judy's Bluebird Quilt.- have the top together and the borders made but not attached.

  • Scrapitude The last clue was due to be released this week but sadly Charlotte, the woman behind it had a tragedy in her family so it has been postponed

  • Sew 2 blocks from the 2012 Amy Gibson BOM Craftsty class. - nothing done - no time with machine

  • Make Fangirl's Doctor Who Quote cross stitch into a wall hanging for her swap. Got this done before I left. Yay.

  • ANZAC related entry for the show. Fangirl is working on her cross stitch block and I have completed my 4 embroidery blocks. Still have to print out photos and put the thing together. I have worked out the design

  • Hand Stitching project - trace off patterns and stitch them. I incorporated this withthe above goal. My hand stitching project had an Anzac theme.

  • Watch at least one Craftsy class right through. I had all the classes downloaded to my iPad but something went wrong with the ap and I had to delete it and reload. This happened whilst I was away. I had managed to get the Joen Wolfrom class Colour Play for Quilters watched right through on my trip down. I had started to watch a bag class too. I was disappointed as I was planning on doing the painting exercise from Joen's class and had even bought the paints and other supplies whilst I was away but wanted to refresh exactly what I had to do and couldn't. I have it downloaded again now I am home and hope to get this done soon

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