Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Goals Review

Believe it or not its the end of May and time to review my goals that I set back at the beginning of the month. I am disappointed to have not completed them all but I did give them a fair crack so can't be too hard on myself. My Goals are listed in the side bar of my blog and they were

  • trace off hand stitching project - COMPLETE - I wanted a project to take away with me in May, especially to do whilst I was with travelling and also sitting with my mum. I combined this with another goal
  • Anzac Item for Show COMPLETE This was part of my hand project (above) I got the quilt completed in time to enter into our local show just in time... it was finished Thursday and had to be entered Saturday.
  • Finish Fangirls Dr Who quotes wall hanging COMPLETE Fangirl asked me to turn a cross stitch she had done into a wallhanging

The blocks in the POD challenge come thick and fast. I was up to date at the beginning of the month but was away so much and busy that as of yesterday I was 4 behind. I managed to get 3 done over the weekend so now have just block 21 to do 

  • Block 17 POD challenge COMPLETE
  • Finish Judy's Bluebird Quilt COMPLETE
  • Block 18 POD challenge COMPLETE
  • Block 19 POD challenge COMPLETE
  • Block 20 POD challenge COMPLETE

  • Block 21 POD Challenge still to be done - ran out of time this weekend.

  • sew 2 blocks from Amy Gibson's BOM This is the big wah wah (sad trombone sound as Pam from Hip to Be a Square would say) Haven't even looked at it. Might get back into it next month
  • complete May Step in Scrapitude. Sadly Charlotte who organises this had a death in her family and so the clue was late coming up. If it had come out on time I think I would have just squeaked some time to work on the quilt but when the quilt came out later in the month I was so far behind there was no chance to get on with it. 

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