Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sunday Stash Report (on Saturday)

I'm off again tomorrow for about 10 days so I've written my blog early.

I haven't done a stash report at all in April. I was so busy with the Blogging A to Z Challenge that I didn't bother with my regular blogs very  much. I did do a few but figured that I was probably inundating my regular readers any way. Also to be honest I wasn't doing much sewing! Or shopping.

This week I have been back into my sewing routine (no exotic overseas trips, no full time work) I had medium finish and a small finish. I also completed a couple of blocks for different things. Since they are only blocks they don't actually count as finishes -  I can't put them in the finished projects sidebar but I can count them in my finishes as far as stash calculations.

My finishes for this month

Gretchen's Mug Rug - swap run by Sandi from Quilt Cabana Corner .18m

Star block for comfort Quilt - its not a completed project but it is all I am contributing so get to count it :) .07m

Test Pattern Zipper bag. I still can't reveal photos of this project but can say (again) that is so cute! .19m

Heart for Comfort Quilt .11m

Blue Pinwheel Quilt (most of the blocks in this were done by others but the fabric for the sashing and backing came from my stash) so I only counted the yardage I contributed  3.61m

Doctor Who Quotes wall hanging. The cross stitch in this wall hanging was completed by my daughter for a swap she was involved in on instagram. I made it into a wall hanging for her. For this one I only counted the yardage I used  .24m

Fabric Purchased

I bought the fabric for the backing of the club quilt 3.08m

Whilst in Malaysia I bought some batik fabric to use to make wall hangings from the batik paintings Fixit Guy, Fangirl and I made 1.10m

So my stats for this month (end of week 18)

Fabric Used                                4.39

Fabric Added                              4.11

Year to Date

Fabric Used                               53.72m

Fabric Added                             16.89m

Net Fabric used                         36.83m

Update on May's Goals

Yes its only day 2 of the month and I have already made inroads on my projects for this month. That Doctor Who wallhanging for Fangirl... yup that was one of my goals. Done.

Also - today I traced off some stitcheries to take with me so that is part of one of my goals done... he he. I haven't worked on any of them but they are traced off. Since they are part of another one of my goals I get to count them twice... they are for the ANZAC project for the show. Go me

Sunday update: I finished POD block 17 before heading to Melbourne. Yay

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  1. So busy!!! But it's nice to always be busy doing things we love :)