Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Stash Report - yes something to report

Finally have something to report. I don't think I have done a proper stash report for almost a month as I hadn't finished anything. Then I had bought something but wasn't home so not near my computer to be able to calculate the input out put properly even if I had been able to count the bundles - I'd bought a fat quarter bundle but couldn't recall how many in the bundle. 

This week though I have finished 2 quilts and I'm at home so could enter all the data correctly... and photograph the bundles.

So purchases.
For my late mother's day present (late cause I was away for Mother's Day in Melbourne with The Beast) my husband (aka Fixit Guy) gave me a bundle of 6 fat quarters he had picked out for me. There were several pieces featuring dogs and  cats and one with caravans all over it. Sort of defines my life much of the time these days! (we don't have a caravan yet. Currently we camp in our camper trailer but a caravan is in our not too distant future plans) Also some butterfly fabric

The other fat quarter bundle was one I bought on Massdrop. It was Chillingsworth's Bicycle Race collection by Echo Park Paper Company. There were 17 fat quarters in the bundle. I'm cheating and using their photo which is so much better than the ones I took
6 fat quarters on Australian metric measurements 1.54 metres

 Many people would call this a masculine bundle but I have bought it with an eye for making a quilt for a special someone in my life who loves bikes. That is why I purchased it. Once I got it I realised that there are only a few bicycle prints in the bundle but I still think its cute and will go ahead and use it anyway. Will try to find some more bike prints in my travels (good excuse to trawl fabric shops on line as well as LQS)

17 fat quarters using imperial measurements 4.02metres

My 2 finishes I have already blogged about extensively so won't go into detail here. 

I finished Judy's Bluebird Quilt

It measured 181cm sq - using 7.55m fabric

The second finish was "Anzac-We Remember".

 It measured 1.01m square and used a total of 2.37m fabric.

So my stats for this month (end of week 22)

Fabric Used                                9.92

Fabric Added                              5.56

Year to Date

Fabric Used                               63.64m

Fabric Added                             22.45m

Net Fabric used                         41.19m

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