Thursday, April 30, 2015

Its a Goal!! April Goal Wrap up and setting my May Goals

April is over and I have to say... Success! Yes I accomplished ALL of my April Goals. I didn't think I would given how things were looking with a week to go but have made great strides this week. They are listed in my sidebar but to recap.

 Complete blocks 13-16 in the POD challenge. Done.

Mug Rug Swap item - done

Test Pattern project - Done

Scrapitude Clue 4- Done

Star Block done

Work on Judy's Bluebird Quilt -done. This month I have sashed all the blocks and put them together. Haven't started the borders yet.

Blogging A to Z Challenge. - done. I put up a blog post every day. I was able to relate all my posts to my patchwork in some way. It was lots of fun

Blue Pinwheel Quilt. I finished sewing the binding today. My finger is a bit sore as I forgot to take my thimble with me to our get together but its done

And now for MAY

New month coming up... a whole new slate on which to write. I am not going to write a blog post every day but hopefully I can get back into my regular blog writing. I'll make that a goal

  • Blog regularly - WIP Wednesday, Fitness Friday and Sunday Stash Report for a start with Monday Musing/Tuesday Museday thrown in. Throwback Thursday... maybe but going to have to go to topics other than quilts.
But on a quilting note

  • Well firstly there will be the POD blocks. Have to get them all done. There will be 5 of them (including the one that was released today. I DID NOT include that in my April Goals - I was being realistic) That's blocks 17- 21
  • Judy's Bluebird Quilt. I almost have the top together. I would love to get it finished for my sister to be able to take it back to Sydney with her after her towards the end of May. So Finish Bluebird Quilt
  • Scrapitude Charlotte will release the last clue in Scrapitude this month. That will be the putting together along with the borders and sashing. I hope that I can get the top put together this month... or at least do some work on it.
  • Sew 2 blocks from the 2012 Amy Gibson BOM Craftsty class.
  • Make Fangirl's Doctor Who Quote cross stitch into a wall hanging for her swap
  • ANZAC related entry for the show

I am going to be away for 10 days this month (at least) I leave on Sunday to fly to Melbourne to be with our oldest son,  Massage Man (whose name must change since he is no longer doing the massage course) He is having 4 wisdom teeth out next week and I'm going to look after him. Once he is on the road to recovery (hopefully by Sunday) I will fly to Sydney and have a couple of days with my mum and see my sisters before flying home again.  Then not long after I get back one of my sisters is coming to visit. She is also a crafter so sitting and stitching with her won't be a problem but in her 10 days here we are planning a couple of overnight trips... so that is going to cut into sewing time. To this end I am planning on a hand stitching project. Not sure quite which one yet. I have some Doctor Who ones and also a gorgeous pattern from my sister-in-law Christine concerning a sewing room. Might do both.

  • Hand Stitching project - trace off patterns and stitch them
Given I am going away I had better call it quits there or I will be putting myself under too much pressure! I might add though
  • Watch at least one Craftsy class right through. I have them all downloaded to my iPad now and with the travel and being away from home I may find some time to get some watching in

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  1. Maybe you could call him Tooth Boy or Insurance Man... they both sound like very weird super heros: is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's Tooth Boy - able to solve any problem with a single bite!