Thursday, April 9, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Coming to you on Thursday - at least in Australia its  Thursday

If you are visiting me for the A to Z challenge then the post you are after is either the one before or the one after... but feel free to stick around and read this one.

I have completed a couple of small things this week. I completed a block for something I can't tell you about or show you pictures of because its for a surprise for someone

I completed a mug rug for a swap I am in organised by Sandi of Quilt Cabanna Patterns. I can't show you pictures of that either cause she hasn't received it yet either. I only posted it Tuesday and its got to go to the USA from regional Australia. And my swap partner Gretchen From 120 Blocks admits she reads my blog so definitely no reveals here.

I also completed the project I was pattern testing. It is also something I can't show you as its all very secret. But its really sweet.

I did get block 13 of the POD QAL completed and its NOT secret so I can reveal all. Its the" Monster Book of Monsters" book. I might add some buttons as eyes. Other people who made it did that and it makes it look a bit more of a face.

I don't think I will report in next Wednesday. Fixit Guy, Fangirl and I fly out to Malaysia tomorrow night for a week. I won't have a chance to get anything done between now and when we go and unless I take a hand project with me there won't be any progress on any of my works until after we get back

The other thing that I have been working on which is quilting related but not actually fabric is the Blogging A to Z Challenge. It involves blogging every day in April apart from Sundays. Since we are going to be travelling for 10 days (we leave today get back late Saturday week) I needed to get my posts written ahead of time and schedule them to go up in my absence. (We may or may not have reliable internet access whilst we are away)

Once we get home I have one day and then am back teaching full time for a week. That is going to be a shock to the system after not working full time for a few years. So wanted to get them done too. My hidden OCD kicked in and I couldn't just write the ones that I was going to be away for... I had to work on them in order. The net result is that I have them all written.

Scheduling them was a bit of a hassle. My time zone on my blog was out. Fangirl got that sorted for me. Still not having any luck. The scheduled posts were not going up and I was having to do them manually. Then Fangirl looked at it again for me and yes it was operator error. I was scheduling the posts ok, getting the time set properly but I wasn't hitting publish. My bad. So the Blogger was treating them as drafts still. All good now though and they are going up no problems. Glad we got it sorted before we went.

Part of the challenge is also visiting other blogs that are part of the A to Z challenge and commenting on them. There were over 1800 signed up at the start although the numbers are dwindling as the organisers do check the sites and if you aren't posting or its obviously an advertising portal etc then they are deleted from the list.

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  1. I need to look into this PODQAL...that monster book is great!

  2. Very cute monster book - I'm a huge Harry Potter fan so this really makes me smile. Have fun in Malaysia!

  3. I love your Monster Book of Monsters! I wish I had known about these blocks when my son was young enough to want a Harry Potter quilt...though I bet he would actually enjoy it now as well. And I could always just keep it for myself ;) Great block! Good luck with all your secret projects.

  4. We love Harry Potter too and that block is fantastic! I think a Harry Potter quilt has just been added to my list...

  5. Very cute Monster Book block. I love Harry Potter and think it fits perfectly!