Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L is for Lenten Banners

I have made a series of Lenten banners to hang in our church. A previous minister Suzy encouraged me to use my love of quilting to serve God and our church by making banners to decorate our sanctuary. I was a bit reluctant at first as most banners that we had at church were pictorial and I am not a good at drawing things. They also tend to have words on them and again that isn't my strong point. However Suzy admired some of the wall quilts that I had made without thinking of them for church. She could see a real message in the colours and patterns that they made. So we hung them in church and then I started to design specific banners to be used in church.

Suzy was big on the ecclesiastical colours... the colours of the church year. She encouraged me to make quilts that fitted in with these colours... green (for ordinary Sundays) red for pentecost, white for Easter Day, Christmas Day and some other special days, and purple for Lent and Advent.

A couple of years ago I made a large purple banner to go out the front but we didn't have much else to hang for lent. There were two small banners but they were pretty tatty so this year I made 2 new banners to decorate the church with.

   The first was simply a purple heart on a white background.The purple squares of the quilt varied from dark indigo to palest lavender. I was going to put some words on it..... I was thinking of For God so Loved.... but then think that pictures speak louder than words. (words are for those who cannot read the pictures)

I had another design floating around in my head inspired by a banner I had seen on the web so I made it too. Again I thought about adding words but decided to leave it to speak for itself

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  1. I love quilts and these are wonderfully creative and beautiful.