Thursday, April 23, 2015

T for Twitter and Twilters

I only got into blogging in a regular way in January last year. Part of the reason I got involved was through the Podcasts that I listen to. I've mention them before... several times already this month. They all had blogs and it seemed a great way for me to talk back to them. Leaving lengthy comments on their blogs wasn't the same and emailing them individually seemed a bit stalker-ish as well. So I started blogging

The other thing they dragged me into through their constant references to it and to the fun they had there was twitter. I am still not sure I really get twitter but I do participate - in fits and starts anyway.

Now the group of quilters who participate on twitter, who follow each other and comment regularly on each others posts and also participate in the sewing days we have, the various swaps that get organised and the occasional outpourings of generosity and love via group quilts being made for quilters in our group going through a hard time are called Twilters... an amalgamation of the words Twitter and Quilters.

There is no official way to join Twilters. There is no membership fee, no forms to fill out, no oaths of allegiance. You become a Twilter by participating in the discussions on other Twilters threads, by following each other and by claiming allegiance. I don't know how many there are... I don't think anyone actually knows. We just are.

I don't have any photos that I can put on this post. I have never met any of my fellow Twilters. Most of them live in the USA although a few are in the UK and Canada and Miss Lottie is a New Zealander. I think there are a few other Australians although must admit it is hard to sort them out at times


  1. Participating in a group like that on Twitter sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Too bad I am not a Quilter. Tweeting alone can get a bit lonely.

  2. I was sure glad there were no forms to fill out!

    1. lol yeah - sometimes its hard to follow all the conversations though... gotta be an easier way :)