Monday, April 13, 2015

K is for Kombi Boy

The our 3rd born child is also our middle son. On this blog I call him Kombi Boy. The reason for this is REALLY obvious if you see him without his shirt

He LOVES kombis... well he did ... obviously. Now everyone... well all the family give him Kombi related gifts and he admitted that he is a bit over them. We all say too bad.

The year he turned 21 I decided to make him a quilt I had found this really gorgeous pattern featuring  kombi vans appliques. I loved it. I had so much fun making it for him. His dad isn't into wall quilts... or lap quilts and so my small as per pattern wall quilt with 9 blocks expanded to be a queen bed sized quilt. I supplemented the applique blocks with pinwheel in psychedelic colours and appliqued peace signs and the VW logo. I had a friend quilt it for me on her long arm. She also loves kombi vans and really did a fantastic custom quilt job on it.

The kombi van quilt is not the only quilt I have made him. I made him one when he was sharing a bedroom at home with his brother and later he claimed a lap quilt with musical instruments on in since at the time he had just started to play the saxaphone. (he stopped playing soon after... he had the shortest of musical educations of all the kids which makes him claiming this quilt amusing ) I also made him a quilt using some of his tshirts and the left over fabric from his formal suit.

He decided he wanted a tie dyed suit for his formal This meant he had to tie dye the fabric and we got a local dress maker to make the suit. I wasn't really keen on the idea but couldn't persuade him otherwise and he did look stunning on the night.


  1. Love you kombi quilt. My daghter is so much into them at the moment. They seem to be quite popular as I have found serveral fabrics, ribbon and patches all featuring kombis. Do you remeber where you found the applique block? It would make a great addition to my stash of ideas for a quilt for her.
    Greeting from Germany from the home of the Kombi.

  2. You have a pretty fun kid on your hands. The quilt looks amazing. I actually have a friend who is a Kombi lover herself. She would love that quilt. As for the suit, I'm impressed. It turned out pretty fun looking. I don't think I'd be brave enough to wear something like that, but he pulls it off nicely. Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie