Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for Quilt Alongs

I've been out of the country and away from regular reliable internet connections. I've only had my phone on which I could receive emails but not reply for some reason. Grrr. So I knew I was getting comments but wasn't able to reply. So... if you have left a comment I am sorry if I've seemed rude and not replied. I did appreciate all comments I just couldn't respond. Anyway... on with the challenge

QALs or Quilt a longs are a feature of modern online quilting. They are modern day sewing bees and a way of making links with other quilters. Quilters join in sewing the same pattern across the internet. Some times the pattern is free and is released on a website on a certain schedule - weekly, fortnightly, monthly. Sometimes the pattern is for sale on the website. There are often opportunities to share progress via comments and photos on the website or a specially set up Flickr groups or special linky parties.

This year I have joined in a couple of Quilt Alongs
The Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg
The first is a 30 week one on Fandom in Stitches Called the Project of Doom (or POD) The patterns are posted each week and are free. The blocks build into a bookcase filled not only with books but with various magical objects as well. Its a paper pieced pattern and has fitted in well with my plan this year to become comfortable with Paper Piecing.

Elephant Parade QALThe other QAL that I joined was Elephant Parade which I blogged about on the 5th April for E. This was also a free one with a new pattern released each. It was only an 8 week one. There was the option to buy the pattern as well.

I have found a great website that lists a heap of current and upcoming Its called and as well as links to quilt alongs it has links to here

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