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O is for Our Rainbow House

The following is taken directly from the website of Our Rainbow House

After visiting her son’s sponsor child in a village on the outskirts of Lusaka back in 2002 Alison Ray was left with an overwhelming drive to help the orphaned and vulnerable children.  Knowing that it would need a team Alison surrounded herself with generous friends and family and set about establishing Our Rainbow House. This was the beginning of our story.
our rainbow house

Following ten years of hard work Our Rainbow House opened their doors in May 2012.

Our Rainbow House have a School on the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia for 50 of the most needy children from the village, chosen by Caregivers and a Social Worker.
It was established on 7th May 2012 and employs 3 teachers, 1 cook, 3 guards on a roster system and a Project Supervisor.
Teaching is based on the Zambian National Curriculum for Students aged 4-15yrs.

Further to educating the most  vulnerable children in the village, we would now like to move on and assist the Guardians of our students.
We seek funds to purchase building materials, as well as a team of volunteers to go to the village and assist with the maintenance of these homes.

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Personally I have been involved with the charity for over a year. I started out volunteering in the office, doing some general sorting out and tidying up. I moved onto helping more on the financial things which is not really my area of expertise but was where they needed my help. When my husband retired he too became involved and now he manages the wages side of things - he calculates the wages of Australian and Zambian staff and also handles matters relating to tax, superannuation and pensions. I have been able to step switch my attention to the Handmade With Love group (which I blogged about in H is for Handmade Love) which is much more within my comfort zone.

My dream is to one day visit the school in Zambia. As an early childhood teacher I would love to help out in the school and Fixit Guy would find heaps to do mending things as well as assisting the project manager in the office.
our rainbow house

Please visit the website for more information on Our Rainbow House  They are also on Facebook 

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