Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G is for G!

I don't use my children's names or my husband's name on this blog instead referring to them by various pseudonyms that I developed for them. My oldest son was doing a massage course when I started  this blog, so I named him Massage Man. Sadly he has discontinued his course. I was so looking forward to  qualified masseuse in the family. Mind you given that he lives in Melbourne over 2000 kms away I was never going to benefit overly from this skill but still I could dream

Anyway his name starts with G. I also have a brother whose name is George so that's two G words. Funny thing is that my G reminds me constantly of my brother. It was even more noticeable when he was a teenager - both tall ( although George is 6'5" and G is 6' neat) same woolly mop of black curly hair ( although my G was more so. He sported a crazy mop of hair at times)

Even their handwriting was the same although G's has become neater with age... and I can't say the same about George's

G is the second of our 4 children and the oldest of our 3 sons. (So that means our oldest is our only daughter. She gets called Fangirl)
Dec 1987

G with his two little brothers and a cousin's dog

G has a double degree in Creative Industies and Education and taught for a year. Unfortunately it was a pretty difficult placement and turned him off teaching. He started studying massage, completed a Cert 4 in massage and then started his diploma. He got half way through that and ran out of money. Unable to find part time work around his study he left that and started working full time for a health insurance company on their customer service line. He is enjoying the work (and the money) and sees a future for himself in the company so I'm not sure if he'll complete his diploma. I can't really change his name to Health Insurance Customer Service Guy... it has no flow.

G doesn't have any crafting hobbies as such but since childhood he's loved acting. He was in multiple school productions and also joined the local amatuer theatre whilst still in primary school and performed with them most years till he left town. At university he participated in various productions to do with his course and also with a local theatre company.

Also whilst at university he became involved in some film production undertaken by his cousin with whom he shared a flat at the time. He's back sharing with that same cousin, in Melbourne this time and together they have been involved with a series of live game show type productions.

 He loves to play roll playing games -and board games of all sorts. He has taken part in Nanorimo a few times. He's also a pretty fair cook.

I've made him a couple of quilts over the years.

The first was a post and rail quilt. It was made using strip piecing and was very quick to put together. The person teaching me was insistent that there could be no planning... strictly as it came. I had to cut all the fabric into 2.5" strips, put them all into a bag and draw out two strips blindly and sew them together. I then had to dip in again for a 3rd strip to sew on. The only time I was allowed to reject a strip is if it matched either of the strips already in the block. The 3 strips were then pressed and cross cut into 6.5" squares and then these blocks were sewn alternate ways - strips going vertical then going horizontal

I later saw other variations of this quilt which weren't random and admit that I liked them a bit more. I get a bit twitchy at the lack of pattern in this one.

This first quilt  was only a large lap sized quilt and G had hit his growing spurt around this time and he quickly out grew it so I set about making him another quilt. This time I used a heap of half square triangles I had received in a swap.



He still uses it on his bed today! This is a photo he sent to show us the new bed he'd purchased with his birthday and Christmas money from us this year after he'd moved into his new flat.

I chose to do B for Bears on the 2nd day of the A to Z challenge At the time I couldn't find G's teddy. I did today so here is a picture of him on the first quilt I made G which he'd left behind here at home. They are both going to Melbourne with me in May when I go visit him. 

The boys teddies are all together again.


  1. Cute pics! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again!


  2. He sounds a bit like an adventurer...a perpetual learner. I'm kind of in that boat myself. Sometimes I suppose you have to just happen upon your destiny. Sad that you won't get a massage therapist out of the deal though...those can be handy... Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie