Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Reviewing my April Goals and WIPs

If you are visiting for the A to Z challenge you are most welcome but this particular post is a random one, not one of my A to Z ones :) S is previous to this and T will come after (unless I am slack with posting this in which case it might Come later)

My April Goals are in the sidebar to help keep me on track. This month has been a little hectic one way and another so my goals are sagging behind a bit. This month as well as it being Easter, which meant extras in the house I'm not complaining: Boyo came home from uni for a week and whilst he was here Fangirl visited frequently. He bought a board game home with him "Ticket to Ride" and we played it frequently. Fixit Guy and I became addicted and ended up buying the electronic versions and playing solo a heap whilst we were away

Yes we went away. We drove to Brisbane (that took a day... its a 10 hour trip) and then the next day we (Fixit Guy, Fangirl and I) flew to Malaysia. We had a fantastic time. Fangirl lived there for a year as an exchange student. Whilst we were there we saw her family every day bar on. We ate lots of yummy Malaysian food (Her family owned 2 restaurants so of course we ate) and did much else besides.

We were there for 6 days. Then flew home and had to drive back home again. I had one day recovery before I have headed off to school. I am doing a teaching contract for a week. I haven't looked at my machine or fabric since a couple of days before we went away. I am missing it very much but don't want to start till I can have a good space of time to get myself back in the sewing zone.

Unfortunately on the plane coming home I developed a stomach upset - viral not food poisoning - and that knocked the stuffing out of me too leaving me drained and lethargic. Still recuperating but hope to be over it by the weekend where upon I shall indulge myself in my sewing room... I hope.

Anyway... there has been no work on any of my projects for over 2 weeks now. I did watch a little of a craftsy class on the flight to Malaysia (when I wasn't playing Ticket to Ride)

So to look at my Goals

POD blocks: I completed week 13 but still have the others to do. 2  blocks have come out that I haven't done and another is due tomorrow. They are one thing I hope to work on this weekend

Mug Rug for Swap
This is complete and has been mailed off to Gretchen, my recipient and she was thrilled to get it. I used some treasured Australian Wildflower fabric that I have been hoarding for a few years. The mug rug used very little but having cut into the fabric I think I am more likely to use it now

The mug rug... Gretchen's photo

Blogging A-Z challenge.
This continues on till the end of the month but all has gone well so far. Had a few things to learn about scheduling posts but with help of Fangirl I managed to get it sorted out. Its been good to get the extra traffic to the page and some more comments. I have all my posts scheduled ready to go up so in a way I could say this is done... but not really.
Bloging from A to Z
Pattern Test item
I got this done before I went to Malaysia. It worked out really well and I was so tickled to be asked to do it. I can't post pictures of it but its cute and the designer was pleased with my efforts.

Star Block
I took part in another swap in which we had to make a star block. I got mine done and posted off in time. As its not yet been received by its recipient I can't post a picture here

Blue Pinwheel Quilt for my Patchwork Group is still languishing by my machine waiting for me to get my act together and quilt the darn thing

Judy's Blue Bird Quilt
My goal for this quilt this month is to work on it. I don't have to finish it or make significant progress... just work on it. I shall do that but haven't yet.

Scrapitude April step
This was released immediately before I left for Malaysia and so I haven't even looked at it but I sure hope to, even if I don't get it completed by the end of the month I will try to make an inroad on it.

So I had 8 goals for April and 3/4 of the way through I have completed 3 (the smallest of the goals) I have made progress on 2 and 3 I haven't yet started. I haven't given up hope that I will be able to complete them all but we shall have to see what the week after Friday brings.

Saturday is Anzac Day, Australia and New Zealands day when we remember  those who fought and died in wars. (like Memorial Day in the US) Its 100 years since the landing at Gallipoli so its been really big celebrations and lots of build up to the day. We will go to the street march and at night we have a quiz night on. Sunday is Fixit Guy's birthday. Sometime I shall have to make him a cake and get him a present organised. So... maybe I am being foolish to even think that I will get much sewing done this weekend. But I sure do hope to

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