Friday, September 4, 2015

Fitness Friday - Progress continues

Can't say that the diet part of my fitness program has made any headway at all but I have been making much better efforts for the second week running with my steps.

I still haven't managed to make 70 000 steps for the week but there was only one day that I failed to make my 10 000 steps. Once again there were a few nights where I was jogging in the bathroom or in front of the tv to try to get myself over the line.

This week's stats
Friday 10 004
Saturday 4 277
Sunday 10 130
Monday 10 021
Tuesday 10 037
Wednesday  10 243
Thursday 12 336

I've slowly been creeping up my list of fitbit friends. I have almost made it into the top 10 a couple of times. If I achieved my 10 000 steps every day I would  be there. Hoping that I will do that this week. I have to make 10 000 steps today and tomorrow and I will have finally cracked it... first time in months and months. 

Fixit Guy and I have been really busy in the lead up to our Little Theatre's latest production. He's in the cast and I have been the prompt, stage hand, costume and prop person. Our opening night was last Friday and we have 6 performances, 2 each weekend - last weekend, this weekend and next weekend so after tonight we'll be half way through. This week has been much quieter than we had been in the lead up. We had rehearsals times a week for the last 2 weeks before we opened but this week they only did a read through on Wednesday and I didn't have to go since they didn't need prompting when they were just reading!!

Now that the weather is warming up we are hoping to get back to having morning walks as well as afternoons. Have been saying that for a few weeks now. Just have to get myself out of bed and actually doing it.

Above is the hollow tree we saw burning last week. 
Below is the same view after the fire, the trunk was completely burned out. I loved the reflections I captured. We have had a bit of rain since then and I am hoping that shortly I will take a photo that will show a lot more greenery over there. We desperately need follow up rain

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