Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday Musings - did I do the right thing?

Yesterday (or early this morning) I finished off Going Green. I added it to my spreadsheet and counted it in yesterday's stash report. It meant I got a lovely finish and good numbers on the spreadsheet. This morning I labelled it and posted it off to my friend

Today my order from Massdrop arrived. I really am going to ban myself from that website. Its wonderful treasure trove of lovely things at great prices. And they are getting more and more quilting supplies. The Aussie Dollar has dipped alarmingly of late and so the prices, once converted are no longer quite as attractive (we were under 60c against the green back last week) so that will probably help slow me down

This morning my latest fabric purchase arrived - a bundle of 8 half yard pieces from Camelot Design Studio - The fabric is scented and supposed to last through 30 washes or something like that. I don't mind really I loved the fabric. There's peach, lemon, pineapple, watermelon (that's what attracted me to the drop... looking for watermelon fabric for Sam's party) strawberry, apple, honey and one I can't make out. To be honest, whilst there is a lovely sweet fruity smell to the bundle, none of them are that distinct... except maybe the lemon. Probably because they have all been packaged up together sealed in plastic.

What do you think that pink with little marks on it is supposed to be? Edit Someone has suggested that the pink is icing with sprinkles. That makes sense

None the less they are gorgeous and I will add them to my spreadsheet and hope to get at least one more finish this week so as to not record a negative number for the week.

If you want to check out Massdrop go here (note if you use this link and order something I do get credit for it. If 5 people use this link I get a box of goodies)

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  1. Fun group. I don't really like being asked this, but I am curious if you have some ideas for this fabric? I got a box of goodies from MassDrop and it was fun, though nothing that I really loved. Some good gifts for Christmas.