Wednesday, September 2, 2015

End of the Month Goal Review - August,

Just read someone else's goal review and they gave themselves a C- for this month and I got a feeling I am going to do worse than that.

My big failure has been POD. I haven't worked on it AT ALL. I blame my hexagons that have kind of taken over my home sewing time. Anyway Lets go through all of them

1) POD Block. I wanted to complete block 30, remake block 11 and also make the broomstick, the sword of Griffindor, the flying key, photo frame and Dobby. I did nix - nothing - zip

2) Amy Gibson Blocks. I didn't specify a number in the original post but did on my sidebar (6) and that might have freed me up cause I went crazy on these and got HEAPS of them made. - I made 11 including one that I made twice. I only have the curved piecing blocks to go on this one. Its looking great.

3) Bag for my friend Sereana. I got this made. I don't think it is quite what she had wanted (she had asked me to make it) but it was so long between when she had asked and when I did it I had forgotten. Anyway she seemed fairly happy with it in the end. (It had some of my favourite fabric in it so hope she was)

4) Pink Pizzazz. I already had the top done at the beginning of the month although I was wondering about making it bigger. Well I didn't make it any bigger but I did piece a back for it and it is ready to be pinned and quilted. I had hoped to have it pinned by now but....

5) Going Green. At the beginning of the month I had the centre completed but was still thinking about what to do with the borders. I ended up making flying geese borders and also adding a mostly plain green border. I then got the back pieced which as usual seemed to take me a while. Now to pin baste it and get it quilted.

So that is it - overachieved on one goal, completed another, partially achieved 2 more (although I don't think I put  finish Going Green, just work on it so maybe that is actually achieved) and abjectly failed one. Hmmm not TOO bad. Not an overall failure... perhaps a C+ after all or even B-

How about you? Did you set yourself some goals? How did you go? Are you game to rate yourself... or then again maybe you shouldn't... its not a competition sport (at least not at home in your own sewing space. ) Are you satisfied with what you achieved this month?

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