Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Stash Report

Its been another crazy busy week with so much going on here and not all that much time to sew... well not as much time as usual to sew.

It was another week with rehearsals - full dress rehearsals at that Sunday afternoon, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and first performances Friday and Saturday nights. Had a bit of sewing for that... had to fix up the cat costume... add elastic to waist band so the size 18 pants fitted out size 10 pregnant actress, also add a sign saying "Cat" to the back of the shirt and put velcro on it so the tail could be attached and removed as per script. Then after the performance on Friday had to do major repairs to the horse costume as the actors stepped on it and ripped it... I was also busy blinging up two hand bags for the leading lady. One I made fabric flowers for (that was fun) and the other I glued a packet of plastic "gems" too. In total I used about half a metre of fabric.

I managed to get Going Green's backing fabric completed as well as Pink Pizzazz. They both now need to be pinned and quilted. Since Pink Pizzazz is a group project I might ask and see if someone else in our patchwork group will quilt it (I quilted one earlier this year) If they will I get to count it as finished and so can calculate fabric usage... what I donated which will be all the backing.

And then there are the hexies... been making a bit of progress there too

Week 35

         Fabric Used                     0.51
         Fabric Added                   0

Year To Date
         Fabric Used                    114.37
         Fabric Added                    42.40

Net Used/Added                       71.97m   

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