Friday, August 21, 2015

Fitness Friday - OR super flab Friday

I haven't written anything for Fitness Friday for ages because there has been nothing to write. I have been doing less and less exercise, eating more and more crap food and thus putting on weight.

This blog was supposed to keep me honest and accountable but when I didn't want to be accountable and am not by nature dishonest... I did that well known and often used thing of avoidance. I tried a few weeks of "ho hum not been good this week... must try to be better... next week I will do better..." but coming back and saying "well not this week......but next week" got a bit old so... avoidance. Fitness Friday bit the dust

Sandy from "Quilting for the Rest of Us" made her blog post for that day "Fight the Funk" Friday but I notice that that too has bitten the dust but on that she talked about the stuff she did to look after herself mentally as well as physically.

My Fitbit buddies will have noticed that I have fallen off the radar with that ... almost completely. There were a few things behind this. Firstly when we were in Malaysia in April Fixit Guy lost his fitbit. It got dragged off his wrist by the crush of people getting on a train in KL and the last he saw of it was it dropping down between the train and the tracks as the door closed (with him on the train...) He was my main motivator... I was always trying not to get too far behind him (and usually failing madly. I blamed it on the fact that his legs are much shorter than mine. I'm 3.5" taller than him) But then I had issues with my fitbit... it wouldn't record my steps (the fitbit wasn't talking to my phone) It wouldn't tell me it was going flat. Do you know how devastating it is to be half way through a 5000 step walk and realise that your fitbit is flat. It knocks motivation for 6. Eventually I got my fitbit talking to my phone again - had to reset it although it still isn't telling me when it is getting flat...

Over the winter, with Fixit Guy no longer going to work and me no longer walking with my girlfriend, getting up on a chilly morning and going for a walk has gone out the window. You are kidding me... get up and go out when its cold. Uh uh. This little snuggle bunny burrowed into her lovely warm quilt and stayed in bed. My days are too busy to fit in a walk later in the morning so we have only been going for our afternoon walk and even it has taken a real beating of late with various evening commitments meaning we haven't had time. There has also been my quilting jag... I got right into it and I'd be sewing and no way I wanted to go out for a walk at 5PM

So... I have lots of excuses as to why my exercise routine has been shot... I have also been staying up really late which makes me tired (and so inclined to snack) and not want to get up in the morning but then I end up staying up late at night, having a few snacks to keep me going, sleeping in the morning so not being able to fit in a walk... and it goes on. Excuses excuses excuses.

But I am back to almost being the heaviest I have EVER been - over 97 kgs. Not good at all. So I have to do something about it.

Yesterday I determinedly made it to my 10 000 steps. Its been the first time is ever so long that I had that tingle on my wrist and it did feel good. I did have to jog on the spot for 800 steps before getting into bed but that is the best reason for staying up an extra few minutes I think I can have. I did the calculations this morning and I figured if I had a 15 hour day (8-11) out of bed then I need to make around 700 steps an hour to get through (its actually 666.66) my 10000 steps or 12 steps a minute. That is doable now isn't it... well not when I sit in my chair typing a blog post for an hour but still... over the day I SHOULD be able to do it. I am going to give it a red hot go.

Our evening walks have been made more difficult because at the moment FG and I are involved in the next production of our town's amateur theatre production. He's on stage and I am prompt and helping with props etc (hence why I had to make a horse costume!!!) Rehearsals are 2 evenings a week although now that production is only a week away its been 3 evenings plus Sunday afternoon. It does make it difficult to get out for a walk AND have dinner and get out the door by 6.30PM. However I am determined to have  go and try hard to make it.


Will you join me in making some improvements to your life's health habits?

That is going to be my goal for this week. Make 10 000 steps each day. Check back next week to see if I have made it

Its now Friday evening and I made it to 10 000 steps today too. Go me


  1. Philippa, I hear you loud and clear. I'm creeping up, and its not even winter here. I'll cheer you on to 10,000 each day. Why don't you link up to Twitter so that everyone sees? It really helps. Unfortunately, I don't think that 10,000 was good for my knees, especially the outdoor steps, so I try to keep it between 5-7,000. Even that is hard to get when sewing, and I am going to sew!

    I think it's harder to eat well during the winter, wanting warm comfort food. The gardens are coming in here, so I have no excuses for poor eating. Good luck to us both!

    1. I've tried to but for some reason it won't go through.

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  3. Hi Pip, It's aggravating the way those kilos find you, but if misery loves company you aren't alone! I look down at my tummy and have fond memories of being 8 months pregnant... except I weigh so much more now!
    I had a friend stay and I had been resolved that we would not eat rubbish while she was there and was trembling about how to tell her. She arrived with her fit bit and made me walk 20 000 steps each day until I collapsed and let her go out alone. Im still recovering.