Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Stash Report

This is a nil all draw this week. I haven't finished anything (tried to get Going Green Done but failed...ran out of time and enthusiasm) I have to confess that I have been captivated by my hexagon making and that is taking up lots of my time. I've got 8 flowers sewn together and heaps more completed hexies not yet fashioned into flowers and yet more hexie papers cut and pinned to trimmed fabric so making progress but NO finishes.

I haven't purchased any fabric... well no that is a lie. I have ordered some on line but I don't count it till it hits my doorstep so we shall have to wait a few weeks before I have to account for it. I ordered some from Massdrop and that always takes longer as you have to wait for the drop to end and then wait for it to be ordered and then wait for it to arrive at their warehouse and ... well lot of waiting. The fabric I've ordered is this lot, the scented half yard bundle. I wish I had the watermelon fabric whilst I was sewing madly for my friend Sam's watermelon themed birthday party. She might yet score another watermelony gift.

Week 34

         Fabric Used                     0
         Fabric Added                   0

Year To Date
         Fabric Used                    113.85
         Fabric Added                    42.40

Net Used/Added                       71.46m   

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