Sunday, August 2, 2015

Review of my monthly goals and setting some new ones for August

Its the start of a new month so time to go back over those goals I set myself and see how I went.

My July goals got added to a little during the month but in the end this is what they were (as listed in my side bar)

  • make 6 heart blocks COMPLETE
  • Quilt Playing in Sunshine
  • Make bag - this was for a birthday gift for a friend. I didn't get the one made for her that I had planned due to leaving the pattern and fabric behind when I went away to Yeppoon. However I gave her another one I had made earlier - a zipper one that I had used some Fijian fabric on and as my friend is from Fiji she loved it. I might transfer this goal to next month though and make her the one I intended
  • complete 6 Amy Gibson BOM blocks. Absolutely no joy with this one. I left them behind too when I was away which frustrated me so much.
  • Finish Newspaper Mama - top and back made. My friend Lindy now has this to get it quilted. My part is done although I will do the binding if required.
  • make zipper pouches for Handmade Love stall I ended up making 2 brick bags and 12 zipper pouches
  • make hand towels for Handmade Love stall - 13 completed
  • Complete Growing in Christ banner. This was finished off early in the month and has been hanging at church ever since
  • make Kombi Boy a beanie COMPLETE
  • Make Beast's beanie COMPLETE
  • Complete POD blocks 26-30. I have yet to complete the last block. I have found some jelly bead fabric for the last block and will get it made shortly. 
  • Finish Crop Circles This is done and on the bed
  • Finish Scrap in a Box This is also completed and on the bed.

So I have done very well with all my goals for the month with only the Amy Gibson blocks, one bag and the last POD block not accomplished. I have started another quilt and made a number of other projects that never made it to my goals list so am well pleased.

Now for August!

I want to complete the POD quilt. As well as Block 30 I want to remake one block (waiting on fabric coming from the USA for that) I would also like to make the broomstick, the sword of Griffindor, the flying key, a photo frame and Dobby. I am going away for 10 days shortly and perhaps can work on them then.

Amy Gibson Blocks I will take this with me too. I might have more luck with them than the paper piecing - need so many little bits for the paper piecing.

Going Green - a quilt I am currently working on. I have the centre together but working on the borders. I would like to have the top completed this month and if possible get the back done and the quilt ready to quilt.

Bag for my friend

Pink Pizzazz - the community quilt I have been working on. I have the top together for this. I need to make the backing and get it quilted. At least I think the top is together. I may yet decide to make it a bit bigger to be a useful size but its not too bad as is. 

I might leave it there for now. No doubt a few other projects will come up over the next month and I will add them to my goals as they come up

How about you? Have you set yourself some goals for this month? What do you want to accomplish?

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