Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WIP Wednesday - a little bit of everything

I've had a go at quite a few projects this week.

Got stuck into my Amy Gibson 2012 Craftsy BOM blocks. I made 2 dresden plate blocks,

 2 paper pieced blocks

 I had an issue with one of the paper pieced blocks... didn't realise that there were 2 circle of geese patterns... one going clockwise and one counter clockwise. Needless to say I made 2 from one and 1 from the other and it was only when I was trying to put them together so as to work out the order of the colour of geese I wanted to sew on my last block that I realised what I had done... and even then it took me a while.. couldn't work out why the geese weren't lining up. Yes the patterns were labelled. No I hadn't taken any notice of the labels. Eventually figured out what I had done wrong and made the other 2 blocks I needed going the right way and am contemplating making another 3 going the other way now... but we will see.

And 2 hexagon blocks

Speaking of hexagons... I plan to write a separate blog post about them... but I have started a hand project and am currently sewing away madly on English paper pieced hexagons. Haven't quite worked out what the heck I am doing... but so far have about 70 basted

 and started to stitch my first 7 piece "flower" together. 

I have another 110 cut out and pinned to their papers so am making great progress. 

I have been doing them whilst sitting in my seat and doing my job as prompt at rehearsals for our Little Theatre play. I won't be able to do them any more as we are into our final week of rehearsal and so I shall have to go up on stage and be in my prompters box... in the dark with my torch reading my script. 

Speaking of the play... that brings me to my most unusual sewing project for this week. I had to repair the horse costume... not a costume for a horse but the costume that is a horse. The one they had was falling apart... the fabric had perished. It was made for a panto the Little Theatre put on when The Beast was about 12. He's now almost 28. Funny thing... when it was made he got to play the front end of the horse. This time his father is playing the back end.....For part of the play anyway. The costume was getting more and more wrecked and at Tuesday's rehearsal one of the legs came off so I bought it home with me and basically remade it for rehearsal tonight. I gave up my day at patchwork to do it. Its no great work of art and basically I just followed the pattern that old one had been. I even reused the legs. 

Its not particularly realistic but then... horse costumes usually aren't are they? I didn't get a photo of the guys in it tonight but will try to on Sunday at our next rehearsal

The other project I have been working on this week has been the borders for Going Green. 

I decided to add one more border, using the green fabric I purchased in Rockhampton on Friday. Initially I was going to just do plain green all around... then I got to thinking and decided to add some nine patches in the corners... and then one in the middle of the side borders... no 2 nine patches spread out on the side borders... and one strip of blocks in the very centre (to make them long enough) and perhaps one more nine patch centred on both ends. 

So far I have the side borders on but the horse costume took over today.

And then tonight I put the bow tie needed in the play on elastic to make it easier to get on and off....and that's been my week

How have you gone this week? What projects have you been working on?

WIPs on Wednesday

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