Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I finally got stuck into some more blocks from the Amy Gibson 2012  BOM Craftsy Class. I first listened to this class right through when I had Barmah Forrest virus in 2013. I sat in bed and watched them all through. I loved them... well most of them but I was in no position to actually do any of the sewing. I wanted to though but even once well there were enough other challenges and projects in my life to keep me busy. At the beginning of this year I put completing the blocks in this class on my to do list. Doing blocks from this class have appeared regularly on my monthly goals. For the first few months I even achieved them but..... for several months (the last 3 I think or maybe 4) they got bumped to the next month. I would add an extra 2 blocks to how many I had to get done but I stopped doing that even after a couple of months.

I had intended to take the project with me when I went to Yeppoon last week but it got left behind by accident and as it turned out I probably wouldn't have gotten through them if I'd taken them. 

Writing my goals for this month (see here) they once again came up on the list and something clicked and I was determined to get some done and over the last couple of days I have smashed my way through 5 of them. I've actually done 6 blocks but one of them I did twice. I didn't rewatch the classes - I just worked off the patterns for the class and have to say I ran into some problems in doing that. There were a couple of places where the instructions were a little obscure and in others they were plain wrong (miss printed or something) The reason I redid the block (the wonky 5 sided log cabin. ) was mine didn't turn out quite like hers cause I hadn't read the instructions properly. I made it like a crazy quilt. I redid and the same thing happened. I didn't get the instruction when I did read them. The 2 blocks I did were more like crazy quilt blocks and I liked them well enough so... that is what we have. One day I might listen to the lesson and have another go.

The blocks I have done this week are the ones from May and August plus one from July. (she gives 2 per month) I had decided I was not going to do the hexagonal blocks she has in the quilt.and was tossing up about the dresden plate blocks but... trying to convince myself to have a go.

I took Pink Pizzazz to Patchwork today and showed the other ladies. The wavy border was bugging me and they agreed it needed to come off. Sigh. It only needed to come off on two sides and be adjusted... reduced them by half an inch each and reattached them and now they are sitting nicely. I started work on the backing. 
it doesn't look smooth on the wall but it is... well much better than it had been. The blocks were all made by different people in our group.

Originally I was going to incorporate a vintage sheet I had in my stash but looking at it more closely I realised that it was perished in a couple of places and stained in others so decided not to use it at all... in fact it might go into the rubbish which would be a shame as it is lovely (pink background with big white daisies with yellow centres scattered all over it) but its no good using a fabric that might disintegrate after a wash or two.  

Isn't it lovely. I have cut the best bits out of it to save but there are great chunks of it that I've had to toss. It was only a cot sheet size which meant that there wasn't much good left in the end
Instead I decided to use some fabric I got from Patch n Peace this year - that I "won" in the silent auction. it has a pink background with yellow and blue threads. 

I incorporated some other bits and pieces in the backing as is my want! I had some hearts and a pinwheel so I have made a strip to put down the centre of the backing. I think its going to be great. Haven't finished it yet.

I made these heart blocks out of left over scraps from pieced hearts I made for another quilt. I was really delighted to be able to use them up.

We are goign away for 10 days and I am taking my sewing machine (cause I can) Now I'm trying to work out what projects to take with me and then getting them organised.

Going Green is going... haven't worked on it since I got back from Yeppoon. I'm up to the borders on it.

Will take Pink Pizzazz to finish it up the backing. I won't take the wadding etc cause I am not going to try to pin it without the big table at the craft rooms. Plus since it is a group project I will get some of the other ladies there to help me pin baste it

I want to make a couple of bags. Both are presents for birthdays coming up so won't go into detail here just in case they read this.

I'd like to work on my POD blocks but they are all paper pieced and will take a fair bit of fabric but not sure what... they would be much easier to make at home where I have my whole stash available So its staying home. 

Amy Gibson blocks. I have printed off the templates I need for the remaining blocks and will take them. It would be awesome to get all the blocks done. 

I'll report in next Wednesday and let you know how far I got with all these great intentions. I might end up chilling out and eating  drinking too much good coffee and enjoying my husband's company too much to do anything. But I have packed it all up so will see how I go

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